32 thoughts on “How to Play Paper Football

  1. It's unfair, with all those flat table tops in the kitchen, she could practice ALL DAY and easily beat the dude! I demand a rematch!

  2. @ChannelUltimate : We have a game similar to rugby. It's called Smear the Queer. Back in the day that just meant they one that was different, i.e. carrying the football.

    As for which is more violent, I would say "who the fuck cares." You want violence join the military, watch your freinds get shot or blown up. Become an MMA fighter, go to thailand jump in the ring with a Thai boxer. Otherwise just sit there on your couch and have another hand full of crisps and STFU.

  3. @DaBestGamerDude on my computer in the suggestions it has a video titled "how to fold a paper football" by foldsomething that video should help ;D but you knew how to already

  4. I think its a good video:) But i would really appreciate it if howcast stopped making so much shit >:( My subscription box is full of fucking howcast videos! Theyve made about 50 in the past 3 days!

  5. the only place where footballs are round is……. guess where … its outside america!!!
    balls are pointy in there, they call real football soccer and they play football with their hands!! thats y they voted bush as president hahahaha!

  6. this isnt how i play it…. i always played it buy kicking off and having 4 flicks to get it to hang off… then if it falls the other person kicks and does the same and if they dont get a td or it doesnt fall out its a turnover and the other person gets four flicks from were you ended

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