How to Play Roller Hockey : Shooting a Roller Hockey Ball

All right. I want to talk to you a little
bit about shooting either the roller hockey ball or the roller hockey puck. Pretty much
the same technique. Even in ice hockey, it’s the same technique. What you’re going to do
is, you want to get yourself planted, legs spread apart, like you’re in a seated position.
Squat down a little bit. And all you’re going to do is bring the ball back, and bring all
of your weight onto your back foot. Bring it back as far as you can, and then you’re
going to follow through into the front leg and follow through with your stick, and point
to exactly where you’re going to shoot. So you’re going to lean back and follow through.
Pull it back and follow through. That’s just a wrist shot. So try that out, see if it works.
You practice it, and you’ll get a little better at it.

13 thoughts on “How to Play Roller Hockey : Shooting a Roller Hockey Ball

  1. Why is Joey-Bag-of-Doughnuts talking to us about hockey like he has a clue? Remove these videos. Someone might actually take your advice and make a complete ass out of himself (similar to what you are doing on youtube).

  2. I like the tip…but that's for a weak wrist shot with a lot of lift. Do more on power shots that pull it back and whip it forward?

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