How to Play Volleyball : How to Block a Volleyball

This is Keith Sewell in behalf of Expert Village.
Now in this clip, we’re going to talk about how to block a volleyball. Blocking is a key
element of a defensive strategy. The team’s best chance to score a point is on a powerful,
but they’re not goin to be able to score if a powerful hit is blocked. A defensive player
will need to be positioned at the net when the other side has the ball, prepared to block
the ball if the other team decides to spike the ball. A block may only be performed by
a front row player, but it can be accomplished by 1, 2, or 3…all of the front row players
at one time. Ready position is accomplished by holding your hands up to shoulder level
with your fingers spread and your thumbs sticking up. To block, line up your outside hand with
the hitter’s hitting hand, and slightly turn your outside hand into the court so the deflection
will return to the court instead of outside the court, outside the line. You want to make
the angle of deflection to the court instead of away from the court. Reach as high above
the net as possible and penetrate the net so that the ball doesn’t deflect off you and
onto your side of the court or your side of the net. You want to shrug your shoulders
to reach your maximum height; if you shrug, you’re actually adding a couple of inches
the top end of your block. If you have to move to the ball, make sure you plant you
before you jump. If you don’t, you’ll drift in the jump and out of position on the block
or you can bump into your teammate who’s going to help on the block. Often times you’ll have
to move to get in position to block a ball. When you’re on the left side, your foot work
will look like this: you want your first step to be with your right foot. It’s going to
be a big leap-step, crossover with your left foot, open up with your right foot, and position
for the block. When you’re on the right side, your first step is going to be with your left
foot. Take a big step towards the middle, crossover with your right, and finish off
with your left to be in position to block with the middle. That way you’ll end up with
your middle hitter in position to perform a double or even a triple block.

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  1. yea, i was wondering if any1 else out of the 9,000 viewers realized that the title was wrong… apperently so. 🙂 so yea, u want to know how to block? jump right after the hitter jumps, jump as high as you can, tighten your abs and legs, and make your hands go over the net a little bit. any questions just message me, i've played club volleyball for 4 yrs. peace out!

  2. sorry, I must be confused. I couldve sworn Rogers/Dalhausser, Walsh/May, and the mens indoor team took gold medals in Beijing. I might be wrong, but wait, I'm not.

  3. The best way to do a drifting serve is not using you're thingers at all 🙂 but the lower part of your palm when it's stiff. I've been playing for 10 years, going on my 11th year. Been the national champioon and if not, at least in top 3 every year.

  4. hey,i want to hear ur guy's comments because i want to join our high school's men's volleyball team but i'm to nervous and i suck wich might affect the team so tell me wat u think and comment me or message me at mhfreak123 ^_^

  5. omg…. I'm 13, but still i can serve the ball on air(make jumpserve) so you should show how to make a jumpserve or whatever it's called!

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