How to Play Volleyball : How to Float Serve in Volleyball

Hi my name’s Addison from Captain Bill’s,
and I’m going to teach you how to float serve a volleyball. Float serving is probably the
most effective serve there is in volleyball. When you float serve the ball actually does
not move, or it’s not supposed to move. Which is very hard for defenders to pass, because
the ball can move, come right to them one time, and then later it can kind of move away
from them, depending on the wind. Or even if it’s indoor it can just drop automatically.
So the float serve is very effective in both indoor and outdoor volleyball. Mainly outdoor
because you have the wind to use to your advantage, which can help to move the volleyball. In
float serving you want to take your hand, and you want instead of putting some top spin
on the ball and using your wrist. You don’t use your wrist at all you keep your hand flat
the whole time. And instead of following through like you would a regular float serve, you
almost in a way stop your follow through so that you can follow through to where you are
serving the ball. And you want your hand flat at all times, which makes the ball stay still
and float towards your opponent. And that’s how to float serve a volleyball.

27 thoughts on “How to Play Volleyball : How to Float Serve in Volleyball

  1. who cares where you're from or which team is better!
    as long as you know how to play volleyball thats all that matters!

  2. @lovedeleon how old are you and what grade are you on please tell me i got a vallyball game on tuesday and idk if if this will help me

  3. whats the difference between a float serve and an overhand serve…? because i was just watching the overhand one and this one, and it looks the same… someone plz tell me?

  4. @kbbles A float serve can be achieved by stopping your hand in mid air when you contact the ball. Kind of like a jerking motion.

  5. Get your coach to judge for you? Or get a friend to stand in the court while you serve and ask her if your ball suddenly changes position when she attempts to bump it

  6. I am a player of volleyball but i saw a lot of your volleyball tutorials … i help me a lot .. Sooo .. From now on i'm calling you coach. THANKS COACH ! :DD

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