How to Play Volleyball : How to Jump Serve a Volleyball

Hey, my name is Addison from Captain Bill’s,
and I’m going to teach you, how to jump serve a volleyball. Jump serving is a very effective
type of serve, it’s mainly used for power purposes, and it can be very effective when
used against an opponent who may be a little slower. You can try to put the ball anywhere
on the court, and because it’s so powerful, the defender is going to have a hard time
getting their body in front of it, to get a good pass on the ball. So the main part
of your jump serve is your toss, it’s the most import part of the jump serve. You want
the ball out in front of you when you toss, and you want to throw it up high enough so
you can take an approach, and so that you can hit the ball over the net effectively.
Also when jump serving the ball, you don’t want to hit the ball down like you normally
would when spiking a volleyball, you want to hit it out in front of your body, instead
of down, so that it can take the velocity and go straight over the net, and then drop
down with a top spin on the ball. You also want to use your wrist in the ball, in the
serve, you want to, as you’re hitting the ball, use your wrist to make the top spin
on the ball, which will make the ball drop a lot faster on the other side of the net,
to keep it in, and to make it a difficult serve for your opponent. And that is how to
jump serve a volleyball.

41 thoughts on “How to Play Volleyball : How to Jump Serve a Volleyball

  1. use your brain, when u're teaching someone u're not suposed to show a full-strenght serve, it's suposed that the watcher is able to at least see what's going on lool

  2. im a good hitter, and my normal serves are fine but i just cant get the jump serve everytime. I often do not make good contact and ends up falling short…

  3. key thing to remember is to always make your mistakes deep into the court. don't try and pound the ball right infront of the net.

  4. coaches usually say to toss short, because when you toss it high, most likely you won't make a perfect toss, so the ball would shift and cause you to mess up your serve. But when he says approach, its just as the word is. the approach is your "left right left & jump." (usually whatever your feel like doing 'L R L', 'R L R', w.e) But if you toss it an inch from your hand, it seems like your hitting a jump float.

  5. you need to throw it high to give yourself enough time to run, jump, wind up, and swing before the ball drops too far down.

    tossing it high means the ball will move faster as it drops, so timing your serve is harder. but the ball will have more spin and more speed going over the net.

  6. nooo dont do that that's not a good jump serve
    if you do that u dont get high enough to send the ball down or enough to hit the ball hard enough
    watch somev professional volleyball videos here on youtube (Olympic volleyball) and watch their jump serves. you'll see they throught it very high and approach. watch it. and you'll see what he means

  7. umm no, if the balldoesn't cross the net when you serve it considered out. When it hits the ceiling( and stays on your side) the ball is still in play. So if you serve it and it hits the ceiling, then falls down to your side its considered out. If you serve the ball and it hits the ceiling then it goes over, its considered out because the ball didn't stay on your side

  8. wow i wish i could of jump serverd when i was 11 lol
    im like 16 and have killer jump serves but didnt learn to do that till like 14

  9. Your jump serve looks more like a free-ball to me. Unfortunately if you are born with a perpetual slow twitch shoulder muscle like yourself, you might as well throw the ball over. I didn't hear you talk about foot work at all. "Feet" is the first thing you think about anytime in volleyball, not the toss.

  10. so much talking! when a camp told me they just said think about an approach of an attack and hav a good toss and showed how 2 do it twice

  11. This is a video … I don't want to watch your face… no offense… next time try making a video with you in slow mo and the talking just as audio. Thank you! 😀

  12. "And that is how you jump serve a volleyball." My ass, in this whole video, you only showed one demonstration of you doing a jump serve. And who knows? The ball might not have even went over the net.

  13. okay you do not hit the ball out in front of you and IT IS almost like spiking because you want to finish with your arm down at your waist

  14. I've been jump serving fot a few yrs now and I only do top spin…. every once in awhile ill get a floater…. it's the most annoying thing ever when I do >:(

  15. when i jump, i dont have alot of power like it goes high and far but it doesnt hav much power, prob on my toss but great vid!!!!!

  16. @darknessblade100 omg same!!!!!!!! wel over hand and i always had trouble cuz when i tossed it and ran after it my legs couldn't jump tht high cuz i was short!!

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  18. I could always do a standing serve with top spin but when i tryed jumping my timing would always be off. so what i did was practice jump floats becuase its a more forgiving serve and helps you get down the timing and the toss hight that work for you. after i was able to do that serve consitantly i tryed a jump serve with top spin and have had much more success with it.

  19. Don't say that! No body is too 'fat'! You can do ANYTHING you want to if you put your mind to it, don't give up and don't stop trying.

    You commented this 2 years ago, I really hope you've learnt now! Xoxo

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