How to Play Volleyball : How to Overhand Serve a Volleyball

Hey, my name is Addison from Captain Bill’s,
and I’m going to teach you, how to overhand serve a volleyball. In order to overhand serve
a volleyball, there are a couple of different mechanics that you need to use. First things
first, you want to always keep your hand open. When you keep your hand open, you have more
surface area on the ball, which can help you to guide the ball to where you want it to
go on the opposite side of the court. So when you’re serving the ball, you want your hand
out in front of you, and you want to toss the ball up in front of you, so you have top
step and hit it with your hand. When you contact the ball, you want to hit it almost to the
heel of your palm and in the middle of your hand. So when you toss the ball, you’re going
to take your elbow back, and when you hit, you lead with your elbow. So you never lead
with your hand, you want to always lead with your elbow, it will help you to get the ball
straight over the net, to have an effective serve. So when you’re serving the ball, take
the ball in front of you, toss it in front of you, take your hand back, lead with your
elbow, keep your hand open, and serve the ball over the net. And that is how you overhand
serve a volleyball.

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  1. your coach only told you to toss the ball cause he wanted you to toss his salad the only spike you know is your dads

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  3. no. serving with your fist isn't affective. my coach doesn't let us do that. what i do is i keep my hand in a fist until it reaches the ball. at the very last second i open it. that way its more aerodynamic and you get more force. it works well.

  4. When you hit with hand open, you have more control opposed to with a fist. However, fists usually have more power. It's like the whole quality vs quantity, fists having more power, open hand having more conrol.

  5. Eh. I served all the way through 7th grade with my fist, and I was MVP… not that that means much, lmao.
    But, at least for me, hitting the ball in the middle with my fist gives me more power, and the ball goes higher and farther over the net.. I always kept my thumb on the side of my fist, though, so it wouldn't get in the way.
    Lately, I've been practicing open hand serving, because I didn't want to get into an unbreakable habit. Anyone know any really good vids for open-hand serving?

  6. no its just a bad habit cuz wen u get older u lose the feel of open palm serve and gets inaccurate as u get stronger, but fist is pretty powerful and useful me being only 13, but im gonna try the elbow thing, hope this helped

  7. i had my try-outs and i couldnt ovehand serve the coach had to let me do the underhand. i was the only one who couldnt i hope this helps my over hand serve

  8. during volleyball games, right b4 when we practice, i can always hit it perfectly overhand

    then during the game, i always mess up! y?

  9. The most important factor when serving is to take your time and concentrate. You may be rushing it, so you may end up serving badly.

  10. wow…i use to get made funn of by my classmates back in elementary skool because i would serve like this…stupid p.e coach said "no, ure doing it wrong use ure fist!"

  11. @angelzlayde it's because of the pressure.It happens to me too.And what happens to me often is that,when I'm playing offical games, I don't hit the ball as hard as I do at practice and I think it's just becauseI wanna make sure it goes over the net 🙂

  12. Our team made it in the semi finals in volleyball but some people on our team SUCK!! At serving (I'm not one of them btw :P) and when they serve, the ball ends up going BACKWARDS!! Ugh!! Sometimes I don't ask why…

  13. Once again, you mention nothing about footwork which perplexes me. No one is going to improve under your coaching with these videos because they lack an explanation of the complete skill and focus on how well YOU can do it (Which is pretty poorly I must admit. Perhaps you yourself should watch some videos of real volleyball coaches teaching legitimate skills.

  14. i'll try this during practice. I am rarely able to hit it over the net and then when I try hitting it with a powerful force, I end up hitting it in the wrong area of my hand and it gets me fustrated.

  15. Now that it is my second year of volleyball, all I can do is overhand! I was just nervous but I now know that its just about fun. Thanks to all who helped xP

  16. the only one thing that makes me nervous is when i serve, i serve powerful enough, but always too low…

  17. My friend is in the top 12 australians for voleyball under 15 or 16. i have never played serious or with atleast not all the rules this is a change and a half. FML

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  19. I'm almost the best on my volleyball team since the best girl had to leave the team. I am strong enough to overhand serve, and this really helped me. Thanks! :^)


  21. Is making your hand into a fist, then overhanding serving with fist considered legal? I can't find a rule against it in outdoor volleyball.

  22. I started playing indoor volleyball 3 days ago, I am pretty weak and skinny and have carpel tunnel on my left hand which is my dominant one. I couldn’t get it over the net and it would hurt my fingers my wrist my hand sometimes a lot , then I tried hitting with heel of palm and I got it over and felt little pain , but people said using heel is wrong on internet, some say you lose control, and one guy even said it might count as a double hit because u hit with heel and then fingers, so I have question, please answer. Is hitting it with the heel of palm wrong? Was I hitting it wrong before or am I just too weak? Or is it my carpel tunnel affecting me?

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