How to Play Volleyball : How to Serve a Volleyball

Hey, my name’s Addison from Captain Bills
and I’m going to teach you how to serve a volleyball. Underhand serve is probably the
easiest serve to use when playing volleyball. When serving underhand, you want to face where
you are going to serve the ball so if I’m trying to get the ball over the net you want
to face exactly where you’re serving the ball. When you’re serving the ball, you want to
take the ball out in front of you, in one hand, about waist high and arms length away
from you, take your other hand, put it in a fist and you want the ball to contact you
right on the meat of your fist, right here on the top, that’s your best platform to serve
the ball underhand. So, take the ball out in front of you and take the ball here, bring
your hand back and hit the ball right in the middle, not on any side because that way,
if you hit it on the side, it’s going to go off to one side. If you hit it right in the
middle it’s going to go straight in front of you, right where you’re facing where you
want the ball. When you put all those steps together, you can serve the ball over the
net successfully. That’s how you serve a volleyball.

26 thoughts on “How to Play Volleyball : How to Serve a Volleyball

  1. Isn't the serve supposed to be super shallow and low just over the net or really deep so they think it's out and leave it?
    Cuz thats how my coach taught me. in like grade 7 when you couldn't overhand

  2. omg me too at my school we have our annual 5th grade vs teachers volley balll tournament in june thats why me and all of my friends play volleyball at lunch we used to just walk and talk lol

  3. hum…. ive been taught that the forearm is the best place to contact the ball in an overhand serve.. your fist can lead to an uncontrollable direction. so.. for the beginners out there… hit the volleyball with the section right under your wrist (make sure your forearm is facing upright and flat)

  4. whats wrong with the video? I want to know cuz i want to to try out and if this video is bad i want to whats wrong because I'm looking for quality tips.

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