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Black. All important piano tutorials start with a black screen, and a golden round logo that rolls ominously off the screen. Yep, that’s the song we’re going to learn today. It’s about me. You know, the guy with the huge pecs and the nine pack. Any questions? Didn’t think so. Then let’s get started. Hello and welcome,
[cough] much better. I’m deca-billionaire Joseph Hoffman and today we’re going to learn “Who’s the Batman” from the Lego Batman movie. Oh Batman.
Mr. Hoffman, throat lozenge? Thank you.
Actually they’ve never done me any good. I look forward to learning your, I mean my song.
Thank you, Batman. Well let’s come to the piano to get started. Okay the main, shall we say melodic part, of this song is actually found in the bass guitar part, so that’s what we’re going to be focusing on today. In the intro for “Who’s the Batman” you hear this bass guitar solo, and I’m going to be showing you different levels of difficulty that you can try. The easiest way would just be to take either the right hand or the left hand, but if you want to try both hands playing this at the same time that can sound cool too. Now for bass guitar we definitely want to be in the low part of your piano so here’s my middle C. I’m going to go down one, two D’s and place my left hand in the D minor pentascale starting with finger five, or pinkie, on D. My right hand is going to be on the same five notes up here one octave higher, okay, and the pattern goes like this. Okay now let’s break that down. Basically it’s playing D twice in a row pretty quick D D, D D, D D, okay and it does that four times in little spurts of two notes in a row, one two, one two, one two, one two, and you hear there’s a very slight pause in between each one. Musically speaking technically it’s an eighth rest in between each one and all of these are eighth notes, ba ba ba ba ba ba bum, but all you got to think is, one two one two one two one two, and it does that four times. You’re actually playing eight D’s in little groups of two. Okay? So let’s try that in slow motion once, so either right hand or left hand, or if you want to try both you can, ready go. D D, D D, D D, D D. Good, let’s try that one more time. Ready, go. One two, one two, one two, one two. Good, so we’ve done that four times, then the next part goes F F G F, so from D you skip up to find F, so we were here on D, you skip up, F F G F, okay? F F G F. So I’m using my finger 3, or my middle finger for those F’s because I had thumb or pinky if you’re using left hand for those D’s. Ok so let’s try the F F G F now in slow motion ready go F F G F. One more time go F F G F. Good, now you put that together and you get this 1 2, 1 2, 1 2, 1 2, F F G F. Now press pause and try that on your own a few times. Remember you’ve got four groups of two on the D, and then F F G F. Press pause and try that on your own then press play when you’re ready to learn it a little more. Okay now for the intro that pattern we just learned happens three times, so we have, that was one, here’s two, three then on the fourth time it starts off the same way but it doesn’t do the dah dah dah dah, okay? The music just kind of makes some crazy guitar noise, BIAOWWW, but you can’t really do that on the piano, so you could just wait there on that fourth time, you just do the groups of D’s and then that’s where Batman starts singing, or growling, speaking his his lines. Okay so let’s try the whole intro that far, here we go, starting with the repeated D’s. A one two three four number two, three, four, wait wait good, and then that’s where Batman start saying, in the darkest night, so because he’s not really singing it is just kind of saying it, in the darkest night, you could just go “In the darkest night” and just play a bunch of D’s there, I’ll make the bad guys fall, but if you listen you’ll hear that while Batman singing that, you can call it singing, the bass guitar is continuing to play the same pattern we heard in the intro. You kind of have two choices here, you can kind of play along with what Batman is singing, in the darkest night, or you could just keep doing the bass guitar part, which I think kind of sounds cool. So again you’ve got a choice here how you want to play it. Let’s assume for now that you want to play along with the words that Batman singing here, so he’s going “In the darkest night” and then you wait “I make the bad guys fall” then “there’s a million heroes” okay now here you’ll hear some singers come in kind of high, one octave higher so instead of this D you might come up here “tell them the best of them all,” okay and then after that, that’s where the bass guitar part kind of changes, and it kind of is pretty cool so let’s learn it. There the bass guitar starts playing. ♫ Okay now let’s break that down, so it starts on a D and then skips up to G then steps down to F now here you’re going to need an A flat so you might need to shift your hand towards those black keys to reach that, goes A-flat G F D. So watch that again, it goes, D G F A-flat G F D, and so my fingers I’m going to use if I’m in my right hand finger one on D finger two on E F G and then my pinky or finger five is going to be up on this A-flat like this so I can do D G F A-flat G F D, and let’s actually break it down a little bit. let’s try D G F A-flat, just try those four notes. Go. Good, and once you get up to that A-flat it just comes back down G F D. All together it’s D G F A-flat G F D. Now you try, and then faster it’s D G F A-flat G F D. Now press pause and try that pattern a few times on your own, then press play when you’re ready to go on. Okay, then after you play that pattern then it goes D F D F G, watch that again, D F D F G, now you try. Good, now we put those two patterns together, so we have D G F A-flat G F D D F D F G. Watch that again. ♫ then that repeats, does it three times. Good, now press pause and try that pattern till you can do it really confidently then press play when you’re ready to go on. So this part that I just showed you, this is what the bass guitar’s playing when Batman is singing, “who has the coolest gadgets.” I’m going to do that with both hands and that would look like this. ♫ That happened three times while Batman sings “who has the coolest gadgets? It’s Batman. Who has the tricked-out ride? Batman. Who does the sickest back back flips? Batman.” And then we get this “Na na na na na na na na.” “na na.” Okay so for that I move my right hand up to this D, but you couldn’t keep it down on this D, and basically you go D, D, then step up to E, E, and step up to F, F, step up to G, G and that makes the na na na na na na na na part. “Na na na na na na na na Batman.” And it ends with two D’s on “Batman.” Okay, or if you want to make kind of this extended ending I like to go “bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah Batman” or you could just end with Batman. Okay so I’m giving you some choices you can have fun with this song and kind of make it your own, so it will end with that. “Na na na na na na na na Batman.” Now let me show you a slightly more advanced ending that you can do for fun. Instead of just doing the “na na na na na na na na” just once you can do it three times and kind of let it build. There’s one point in the song where you actually hear that na na na na part three times in a row and then we’ll end with “da da da da da da da da Batman.” You can come up one octave even higher to this treble D, okay, so watch it. When we get to the end we do three na na na na na na’s one, two, three, da da da da da da Batman, and that would make a pretty exciting ending. Okay, each na na na na na can get a little louder, and then we do four groups of the two, bah bah bah bah bah bah bah bah Batman. Okay, now let me show you what it would sound like to put all of those parts together with a little backing track. This is going to go pretty fast so you can just listen if you like or you can try and play along. In your practicing as you’re trying to get the hang of it I recommend starting at a slow speed then as you feel ready you can gradually build up to this performance speed. ♫ Thanks for learning “Who’s the Batman” with me. Enjoy your playing and see you next time. Who has the blackest piano? Batman! Who plays the coolest songs? Batman! Who likes to wear a sweater? Who wear’s the coolest mask? Scuba! Who has the twirliest dress? Princess! Who has the craziest screams? Baby! Na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na Batman!

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