How to Pronounce: /æ/ (bat) and /ʌ/ (but)

Hi everyone and welcome back to Pronunciation
with Emma. In this video I’m going to be looking at æ and ʌ. So for some speakers of certain
languages, they pronounce these two sounds in exactly the same way. So let’s have a look
at some examples and compare the two. But before we do that, let’s look at how we actually
pronounce them. So that first one æ, it’s very open. æ æ. And the other sound ʌ ʌ.
Look at that mouth placement. æ ʌ. Now let’s have a look at some words. Match, much. Bass,
bus. Now this is bass as in the type of fish, if you’re talking about the instrument this
would be “bass” /beɪs/. It’s a different vowel sound. Ankle, uncle. Track, truck. Now
let’s have a look at some sentences. There is a bug in the bag. There is a bug in the
bag. Here’s another one. The truck was on the right track. The truck was on the right
track. That’s it for this video today, but before you go why not write some more minimal
pairs with these two target sounds below in the comments and then I’ll take a look and
check and see how you’ve done. I hope you have a lovely week and see you next lesson.

30 thoughts on “How to Pronounce: /æ/ (bat) and /ʌ/ (but)

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  2. Cap and cup; mad and mud, and cat and cut.
    This video is so incredibly important, thank you so much for sharing it with us, Emma!!

  3. Hi Emma, now l’m quite confused about the schwa sound. Can you make a video to compare these three sounds? Thank you!

  4. Thank you very much for your video. I don`t know if I am deaf or what, but I still cann`t hear a difference between those two sounds. I know how to make my lips and place my tongue, but I cann`t hear the difference. Why English isn`t so clear as Spanish or Italian, where you can easy hear all sounds:DDD whithout a need to break your tongue.

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