How to Pronounce BAT and BAD /bæt & bæd/- American English Pronunciation Lesson

hey everybody Jennifer from Tarle
speech with your pronunciation question the question today is how do I say the
word bat which is typically a wooden instrument used to hit a ball can also
be an animal that flies around at night and bad the opposite of good these are
tricky because we have a very slight difference at the end of words let’s go
ahead and take a look bat and bad both start with the B sound
easy breezy just put your lips together b and open them your voice is on for
that sound b that starts the word then we’re going just add the short a sound
that a sound so to do this your mouth is going to be open in a wide circle and
your tongue is going to be in the bottom of your mouth I’ll try to show you that
ah so your tongue is way down the bottom the mouth slight um pulling up of the
back of the tongue and then this is where these words differ for bat we’re
going to end it with the T to do that touch the tip of your tongue to the back
of your top front teeth for bad again it ends with the sound where you touch the
tip of your tongue to the back of your top front teeth here’s the difference
for the D sound you’re going to make sure that your voice is on by making
your voice box vibrate so listen to these two words bat bad here’s another
slight difference that you might be hearing because the T is voiceless that
vowel which all vowels are voiced is going to be slightly shorter hence my
little short arrow there for bad the vowel is going to be a little bit longer
because vowels are voiced and then your voice is on for the D sound so let’s go
ahead and listen to those again bat bad I’m going to really kind of exaggerate
them for you okay bat bad now listen to them normally bat bad bat
bad bat bat bat bad bad bad I am bad at hitting a ball with a bat
give it a try I know people are going to notice the
difference if you found this video helpful please give us a like and a
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