How to Remove a Hedge and Dig out the Stumps

Owen you want to help me lift this? OK maybe I’ll lift it myself (Grunting Sounds) (Crash!) I really should have gotten some help huh? My name’s Jeb I want to plant a bunch of tomatoes next year Got a hedge in the way Let’s get rid of it! So the first step in getting rid of a hedge Is make sure you want to get rid of it Because if you change your mind It’s going to take a lot of time And money or both To replace it And here you can see I’ve removed one of them I’m just using the limb cutters To take these off Make sure to leave about a foot If you can And that way when we are pulling these stumps out We’ll have something to grab on to It’s pretty easy just Into the bin you go Here’s what it looks like when it’s been removed And that is the easy part Getting the stumps out That’s the fun part I’ll show you that next Well I finally got them all removed Now it didn’t take long to cut them down But I had to wait a week For the trash man to come Take them away in the garden bin I just don’t have the setup to Grind these up and compost them Alright now we got to start digging Don’t forget when you are digging Whatever dirt you pick up Put it in a spot where you are not going to have to move it three times Alright, so I dug all the way around it Except this side On this side there’s a curb I’m going to use that as leverage To break this out And the soil has been real soft If it was dry Just soak it down really good with the hose Really soak it, let it soak in and then soak it again And you can dig it out The roots just kind of pop as you dig through them Owen, look at what I’m doing, what’s happening? It’s moving! Look That’s what we want to see happen It’s almost free Now I just have to lift it out And the seal got and the rock slide made it a cave Good job Well this stump with all the dirt on it It weighs about a hundred and fifty pounds So that’s where these handles Are going to come in handy But you probably want to get some help lifting this Owen, do you want to help me lift this? OK, maybe I’ll lift it myself (Grunting) (Crash!) I really should have gotten some help, huh? Oh well So there’s the hole Owen is filling it in for me There’s the dirt; that will go back in the hole You know, these leaves They break down right under the hedge So I bet you that’s pretty rich soil So I’ll keep that I’ve only got, I don’t know, eight more to go? Don’t try to do it a ll in one day Because that’s heavy I didn’t get to show you my secret weapon These roots broke pretty easily Because the ground was so wet But if you are having trouble with the roots Get some limb cutters and just dig them in there (to cut them) Well, even I, Jebadiah Was not strong enough to lift this So I just tipped the trash can on the side Rolled it in there All I got to do is get it straight back up Owen, say thanks for watching Thanks for watching! I got tired of trying to lift these stumps with all the dirt on the roots It’s too heavy So I’m spraying the dirt off of them It’s good dirt too Don’t want to lose it Awesome!

43 thoughts on “How to Remove a Hedge and Dig out the Stumps

  1. Jeb I was going to say when I do a job like this I wash the soil off the root ball. It makes a big difference and you get to keep the soil. Best wishes Bob

  2. Jeb I have to do this to a hedge that i'm afraid will grow back if i leave anything — it was a thorny bush of some sort that a former owner had planted as a hedge — what are the chances of them growing back up if I don't get it all?

  3. Good job! I just got some new shrubbery from Lowes for 75% off (end of season clearance on really high end Monrovia stuff) but now I have to dig out like 3 old shrubs… but at least I don't have to do 8! Cheers

  4. I wouldn't have done that dude, this is boxwood, easy to cut very low to get the light you needed, it is very slow to regrow, you would have had plenty of time to let them grow back or cut them again.

  5. Next time, use a winch! We've got a lot of property, and it really does the trick easily, when the ground is wet.

  6. Great idea hosing down the roots to keep the dirt, and also lighten the stump clump. I'll have to try that next time.

  7. Nice remove the beauty so you can replace it with a plastic swing set. Maybe you can get your child a starter keg too and a tattooed stripper.

  8. I just grabbed a reciprocating saw and stuck that in the ground and all the roots got destroyed. Someone I knew also just hooked it up to his towbar and yanked it out.

  9. I have a stump of a big 13ft bush that used to be there. I fear that the root is at least a couple feet long and i might get too close to the water pipes? The stump is literally 2 feet in front of my house. Idk if i should do this?

  10. Omg I cut down a bush that was 8' high and has a root ball about 3x the size of that.

    Hoped that I could find useful advice that was not just, "dig around, pull them up with brute force.". 🙁 But that's all I see…

    I'm regretting my choices.

  11. I've done that… it makes you real careful about planting boxwood …ever again. Three hedges just about that size… I hate box.

  12. If you have biomass like that, branches and other stuff, you can make hugelkultur. It takes a while to get it properly working, but you can use everything from it.

  13. Nice, clean removal…. I just pulled a row of hedges too, but I used my truck and a chain… a little messy, but efficient.

  14. I got a box wood bush issue too. They look nice for the first few years but they are hard to manage and my holly bush has put up runners, it looks like a tangled mess. In Texas you can throw the root ball out, after you dig out the bush, because the soil is gumbo (clay) 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  15. Just did this yesterday! Finally got some older Junipers out the backyard. The first one was hell! The second one much better. I understand the labor for sure.

  16. One method I used was completely different and may work for some.

    – Cut the hedge branches to a similar size in the video
    – Loosend up the soil with a spear head spade in and around the hedge
    – water soil if too dry to help loosen.
    – here's the fun bit…get yourself a sledgehammer. Yes, a sledgehammer!
    – hammer of what's left of the hedge in left and right directions. This should really loosen it from its roots, but not break away.
    – pull out the hedge with your hands. wear gloves if need be.

    I removed close to 10 metres worth of hedge in just over an hour. Some were quite tricky to hit simply because of my brick wall.

  17. "My name is Joe, I want to plant tomatoes next year. I got a hedge in the way…. Let's get rid of it"
    Me: 🖐 "like button"

  18. That wheelbarrow tip? That's exactly what happens to me every time…. I need a kickstand or training wheels on my wheelbarrow….

  19. I think stumbling across this video may just have saved my hubby and I quite a few thousand dollars. Thank you. Just subscribed.

  20. I think this guy has it right. It takes $240 worth of equipment, 5 minutes, and almost no effort:

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