How to Remove Pine Tar From a bat

guys what’s up this baseball boy welcome
back to another video so you guys remember in my last video I showed you
guys how to properly put pine tar on the new wooden bat my brother got pine tar
on his face I was kind of unfortunate but anyway I showed you guys how to put
the back car on this video is like the complete opposite cuz I’ll show you guys
how to take the pine tar off your bat now the reason for this is because when
you just put pine tar on it’s really good and usable but after a couple weeks
then the punter starts to harden dry up then you can’t use it I mean put more
pine tar on but except when there’s already hard pine tar on the bat then
it’s hard to put more on cuz it gets all clumpy and it’ll fall off so I’ll show
you guys how to take off old hurt pine tar so for this there’s three simple
things you’re gonna need you’re gonna need the bucket of any size a sponge in
any type of soap I’m gonna fill the bucket up from the water from my garden
hose refreshing alright so to actually clean the pine tar off your bat you’re
gonna get the sponge dip it in the bucket a lager and then get soaked and
put a bit on the coarse side and you’re gonna rub it on the coarse side now you’re gonna rub it on the pine tar
but not really light like I’m doing now cuz you could see nothing comes off cuz
wouldn’t find her sticks on there it really sticks on there I’m gonna need to
go up hard really hard you do all the way around Oh phew finally I’ve finished
cleaning the pine tar off oh I forgot to mention then you’re gonna need a towel
oh okay so then just wipe off all the soap and water and every there just one
thing off the table wipe it off the bat and then you’re gonna have to let the
bag dry for a little bit it won’t take too long you can still use it well it’s
a little wet but punters off Oh bye guys thanks for
watching this video if you guys want to see me cover a series topic then let me
know in the comments see you in my next one

9 thoughts on “How to Remove Pine Tar From a bat

  1. In the pine tar video before college players always put pine tar on their bats so you look like a liar

  2. Bruh or u could just use a scrapper like everyone else😂and the other video, instead of putting dirt on it put rosin on it, it’s a lot better👍🏽

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