How To Remove Tree Stumps – DIY At Bunnings

All right, we’re ready to remove this tree
stump. And what we have is the appropriate tools to dig around half meter to a meter
around the tree. We have an axe, a mattock, shovel, crowbar as required to lever the tree
stump out, rake to clean up, and even a small pruner to cut into the smaller roots as we
come across them. All right, now that we’ve dug around the tree trunk and exposed the
roots, you’d use a pruning sword to cut through the thumb size roots and an axe for the larger
wrist size roots. What we’ve done is dug underneath the stump to give us easier access and to
lever the whole tree out of position. So I’ll cut the remaining roots and see how we can
free this up. Here we go. And done. And that’s how to remove a tree stump.

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