How to Replace Commercial Sectional Garage Door Sections

begin by raising the ladder raise the door about six inches attach
come-alongs on each side of the door to attach come-alongs on each side of the door to support the lower section attach the hook on the cable side to the track angle then attach the hooks on the
ratcheting side to the hinges of the section above the one you wish to remove secure a vise grip to each cable in
order to maintain tension preventing them from detaching from the bottom
fixture attach a third vise grip to the track to prevent
section falling towards you using a 7/16 inch socket
and impact driver remove the screws attaching the section to the hinge climb the ladder when you reach the top
make sure to lock your leg in the steps of the ladder for a more secure position next wind the door one-quarter turn causing the bottom section to drop and the section supported by the
come-along to remain stationary in the event one of the come-a-longs becomes
dislodged you can simply reattach the hook and tighten the ratcheting mechanism raising
that side of the door next remove the bolts attaching
section to the lower hinge remove the vice grip from the track and remove the section once the old section is removed replace
with the new section reinstall the bolts attaching the
section to the hinges once the bottom of the section is
secure climb back up the ladder and remove that quarter-turn it may be helpful if you have a
second pair of hands to have someone use a thin board to help maintain the
alignment of the two sections descend the ladder and once the sections are aligned use
the impact driver and reattach the hinges release the ratcheting mechanism and remove the come-alongs we hope this has been helpful thank you
for watching

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