How To – Score keeping baseball – BASIC

You’re at a baseball or softball game and
you were just handed the scorebook and have no idea what you are doing, but the game is
starting in about five minutes. This is the video you want to watch… To begin with, you will need the batting line-up
of each team. If you don’t have time, just write down
the uniform #’s and fill in names later. You are the only person for your team that
can catch a batter batting out of order! If you see that happen, keep you mouth quiet,
but let your team’s manager know right away! Do not wait. Once you have the batting order written down,
your job is going to notate what happens to every batter and runner. That is really all you need to do if this
is your first time scoring. If the batter strikes out, you write either
a K or backwards K. A backwards K is ONLY if the batter did not swing on the last strike. If he swings and misses, it’s a normal K. If the batter gets a single, circle the 1B,
or write it on his square. Then draw a solid line from home to first
base. If the next batter is thrown out at 1st. Just write a 1 and circle it. That’s the first out. You write the #out and circle it on each batter’s
square as the outs are made. Do not worry about notating how the out was
made. Just show who got out. If that runner on 1st made it to second base,
simply continue the solid line showing how far he advanced. This you do for all runners. When a runner has reached home, shade in the
whole diamond so it’s easy to see how many runs scored. In our sample the 3rd batter hit a double
which advanced the 1st batter to home. Our 4th batter struck out swinging and made
the 2nd out. The 5th batter was walked. Leaving a runner on 1st and 2nd. Finally while our 6th batter is up to bat,
the runner on 2nd tries to steal and is thrown out. We put the 3rd out on the runner who is thrown
out. If there is a batter still up to bat while
a 3rd out is made on another runner, that batter will have to come up to bat first in
the next inning. This is very important for you to know as
you are the only one for your team that will catch the opposing team sending the wrong
player to the plate, and you must alert your team’s manager if you think this happened. Once there are 3 outs, make a dark line and
scribble out the rest of the batters for that inning. If you don’t, you will start scoring the
next time up to bat on the wrong inning. Start this teams next inning here. You will need to score for both teams! Don’t think you only need to track your
own team. Good luck with your scoring and don’t forget
to come back later and watch our advanced scoring videos to learn more.

11 thoughts on “How To – Score keeping baseball – BASIC

  1. See, I never scribble out the remaining batters in any given inning, because of the possibility of them batting around, so I use the previous innings space in case that happens. Saves a lot of eraser time. Plus it makes the scorecard look a lot cleaner. Also, I put a dot at the end of the line for each baserunner. (Ex. If someone gets a single, I'll draw the line, circle the 1B, and put a dot on first base to indicate there was a baserunner stopped at first, and so on)

  2. Good video I was given the task last night and I had some concerns and now I know for a fact our team got cheated.

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