How to Sneak Into Any Game (Grand Scam)

[Music] If you’re like me you want to go see your favorite team play at the stadium, but nowadays it’s gonna cost you a fortune. That’s because all the good seats are taken by rich aft holes who then sell them to richer aft holes who will we show up late and leave early and that leaves the common folk like us to suffer up in the nosebleeds. From up there we can’t tell if we’re watching a baseball game or a knife fight and at a Dodger game it could be both. So you’re gonna watch me get into a game without spending any money. I’m Mike Capes and I call this hack “The Grand Scam”. The hardest part getting in and the cool thing is all we need for this is a baby bottle with baby formula now you’re just gonna walk up to the front gate with bottle in hand and act frazzled. You can even spray yourself with water to get that sweaty effect and then you’re gonna say something like this, “Oh, sorry ,I have to get in real quick. I left my ticket and my jacket with my wife and I had to go get baby formula I have to get this in there as soon as I can. Oh thank you, thank you very much.” Did you guys notice anything about that baby formula? No you didn’t and neither did security. That’s because that’s not baby formula. That’s a white Russian and security’s not gonna taste something they think came from your wife or girlfriends tip. So not only do we get in, we got booze and that’s what you call a double play. All right so all that acting frazzled to get in is gonna get us a little hungry and you can’t enjoy a Dodger game without a Dodger dog. Not only are these super good they’re good for us. So now you’re just gonna walk over the condiment section and you’re gonna rub a bit of mustard ketchup relish and stuff all over your shirt and once you have a good stain you’re gonna walk over to the vendor and you’re gonna tell them something like this, “There’s some guy knock my Superdog on the floor. He knocked me. He didn’t like me. Thank you.” Now don’t worry, you’re not gonna screw anybody over. They have thousands of these things that are gonna end up in the dumpster by the end of the day so they’re not gonna miss one. Well Sam the dumpster diver might but he’s batman crazy. All right, so now that you got your dog you’re gonna need something to wash it down. A cold beer ought to do the trick, but who can afford $13 for a light beer that you probably wouldn’t drink at some shifty frat party. Let’s find some empty seats, preferably next to a guy with a beer, then just sit down and enjoy your dog. Oh! You’re choking! Is there anything that can save you? Oh his beer will [Music] [Music] No thanks dude, it’s cool, he cheers for the away team. Okay, last but not least, you need to take home a souvenir like a ball from one of the players. All game they happily throw a ball into the stands so some lucky fan gets a keepsake. Unfortunately if you’re not a child or don’t have double D’s they’re never gonna throw it to you. So this is where the sign you made comes in handy. Now you got to keep it ambiguous because it could be a boy or a girl. Write it like that of a child or a adult man with special needs and then just do this: [Music] Okay, take it easy I know it’s shifty I took a ball from a kid, but he wouldn’t have gotten in anyway. It’s not his real birthday and now you just sit back enjoy the game. [Applause] There you have it! You just hit the grand scam. We got a day of baseball without spending any money now you can spend your paycheck on six. Oh and remember kids, don’t be an aft hole. I’m gonna show you how to stockpile a photo library for a social apocalypse. we’re basically gonna put together a bunch of photos on Facebook to use as alibis. Let’s get started. So we all have places that we have to go to that we never want to go to, like the DMV

100 thoughts on “How to Sneak Into Any Game (Grand Scam)

  1. Didn’t work for me when I got to the beer part I acted like I was choking and he flipped me off. To make him feel bad I acted died now I got a hospital bill

  2. I'm pretty sure when he took the ball away from the kid I'm pretty sure they are in the act that you can look at his parents and they're all smiling

  3. I love how my friends dad attempted to do this but mlb already knows about the video and they asked for a ticket and he didn’t have one so he wasn’t allowed inside 😂

  4. Imagine sitting down and watching the game while enjoying a cold beer then some random ass dude sits down next to you and starts choking on his super dog then drinks you beer from nowhere. I would be pissed as hell

  5. Take it a step further, show u even went deeper and steal gas from someone which you use to get your car to and from the game 😎

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