How To Stay Inside The Baseball with these 2 Simple Hitting Drills [How to Tuesday Ep.7]

What’s up guys? Coach Madden, official trainer,
and today we’re going to talk about how to keep your hands inside the ball and never
roll over again! Now, what I see from a lot of hitters is,
when they are hitting, their first movement they get away from their body with their hands. They get out and around this ball and they
have a long swing. So if you have a long swing and you’re getting
out and around balls, or you’re rolling over, or you have a slow swing, you’re going to
want to do these 2 drills because these 2 hitting drills are going to help you stay
inside that ball and just have a short swing. Now, what I mean by stay inside the ball doesn’t
necessarily mean to get inside the ball and kind of push it but instead it just means
to stay tight, stay connected, and stay in with the hands close to the body. So these 2 hitting drills again are going
to be really beneficial to anyone who gets long, or gets out and around, or rolls over
a lot of balls. The first hitting drill is what I call Shoulder
Swings and all we’re going to do in Shoulder Swings is set the ball on the tee. You can also do this with some front toss
but it’s really good to start, progress from the beginning, off a tee, and in Shoulder
Swings all you’re going to do is let that bat kind of fall down where it would as you
start your swing right by your shoulder and you want to keep your elbow connected to your
side. This is how we’re going to stay connected,
we’re going to stay in, we’re going to stay tight, we’re going to stay inside the ball,
and we’re just going to rock back and forth just like this as we’re getting ready, and
then we’re going to release the bat head, and throw our hands through that ball. So it’s going to look a little something like
this. The second hitting drill is going to be the
Towel Hitting Drill. What we’re going to do with the Towel Drill
for hitting, everyone knows the Towel Drill for pitching, but this is the Towel Drill
for hitting, we’re going to put it right here inside this elbow so we stay connected. Now when we load we’re not going to load up
like we normally would in a swing, we’re going to stay a nice short load, and then swing. But, this is going to tell us if we swing
good or swing bad because if we swing bad and we get disconnected or away from our body
or out and around or roll over, that towel is going to fall back here. But if we do it correctly, the towel is not
going to pop out until out in front because at our contact point we actually still want
to be connected. The towel on, if we do it correctly, is going
to pop out out in front, like this. I hope you guys are liking these How To Tuesday
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see you in the next video!

37 thoughts on “How To Stay Inside The Baseball with these 2 Simple Hitting Drills [How to Tuesday Ep.7]

  1. Thanks for the drills! I'll use them because the problem is happening I think because I had a week off because of strep

  2. Can you make a video teaching people how to use there momentum to throw the ball because a lot of people do not do it and the few that see usually do it wrong

  3. Great video. Just walk in the house from working out with my 11 years old son. That technique would have really came in handy. I will surely add that one to my bag.

  4. I've been trying to figure out my swing and I've been tought to extend my arms more but what's happened to me is I hit a lot of weak ground balls to 2nd base. I need to find a good swing that works for me.

  5. 45 year old 15uย Coach here, mixin your drills with mine, keepin practice fresh and quick. Atta Boy Coachย !!! keep them coming

  6. How can someone dislike John's videos??? Great content on his channel. Thanks bro ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œโšพ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  7. Yo coach! I came from Snapchat. One other way I like to put it for my guys is to "throw the knob of the bat at the ball" to help then keep their hands inside the ball. Great tips though!

  8. Coach I'm working on hitting with my dad and I really want to hit bombs. I go get baseball lessons and they tell me to use your hips and swing down to the strike zone and up like a V. But I can't hit any home run type of shots. Is there any easy tip that make me hit bombs. Please,Please,Please make a video on this I have a baseball game tomorrow. And I want to hit a bomb.

  9. I think you are a fantastic teacher. My son and I are learning a lot and your delivery is perfect.Thankyou!!

  10. Thanks for this video. Was literally trying to explain to my 11 yr old son this morning about keeping hands inside. Both these drills are perfect

  11. Once again another great video with drill that I can apply immediately. I've used many of your drills with my kids and go back to previously watched videos as a resource. Thank you!

  12. Coach. I think this is the video I've been looking for. My son is 6'0"@13yrsold and swing the bat quite fierce, but I'd like to get some pointers from you to help his swing. Can I send you a small video (8sec) of him to see what you can help with.? Thanks

  13. The best hitters in the world roll over so I don't think any drill is going to prevent you from ever rolling over again.

  14. Good stuff. I have my younger players use their glove instead of a towel, same cues and everything except they should always have their glove.

  15. Great to the point drill and video. Stupid me I 'liked' it at some point so I must have seen it already, now half the season's over before I even get to apply it for the kids. Just goes to show kids, don't be watching YouTube while half asleep. Big thanks Mr. M., ruling the roost on baseball vids!

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