How to STICK SMASH Cross Court Around the Head, Badminton

in this video we’re gonna talk about the
cross stick smash in around the head corner and I am gonna talk about the
four key points to this job. The first key point which is also the
main key point to this shot is the use of the forearm rotation. We want the
swing to be as small as possible and still generate a lot of power The second key point is to reach the
shuttle as high as possible. We want to be dangerous and hit the shuttle high so
it can go as deep as possible So the stick smash is some more controlled smash it’s
not as high pace as the regular smash so we can get a lot of stiffness in it.
The third key point is to fully rotate our body before we hit the shuttle. The fourth key point is to land in a
balanced position so we can push back towards the center. To do that we need to
abduct our non-dominant leg to be able to push back

36 thoughts on “How to STICK SMASH Cross Court Around the Head, Badminton

  1. Love ur videos and the love for badminton u show through these. But I would love it if u give some In Depth videos on some of the moves. Like a 10min vid where u talk about when to use it and how to practice the move effectively. Thanks for ur hardwork in making these vids.

  2. One of the most important part of this technique is the wrist rotation. I think your video should have focused on it adequately. Especially the release of the forefinger to let the free wrist roll cross-ward. Strange that we were practising this today and i come home to see your episode on the same. The secret of the shot is also to stop the arm/elbow/wrist movement for a split second before the shot is played inorder to keep the movement minimal. A fluid movement causes excessive movement and hence a slit second stop helps control the short action for the short. My 2 cents dear!

  3. This video and the 2v1 exercise video was excellent the way of understanding the concept is really amazing and I hope you will continue further in your channel Subscribed I just have a query that which racquet you are using

  4. Is this footwork the same as for around the head clear? I mean push-turn-jump? Because I do push-turn-2 chase, I guess it's incorrent..and still cant reach the shuttle to make powerful clear, just some lazy dropshot, or even some backhand shot..Do you have video about how not to be scared about around the head clear?:)

  5. This is a good technique, I think this will definitely help my single games. Not too much doubles because if I decided to go cross, my opponent would be ready and do a straight block or drive down the line; i'm dead. LOL

  6. Rasmus, are you using forehand grip? If forehand grip, I feel that the thumb can be resisting the moment (too much pressure adding to he thumb). Where do you position the thumb?

  7. Does hitting it as high as possible for steepness work at the back of the court? won't it go in the net? Do you adjust steepness the nearer you are and if so how?

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