How to Sync a Wireless Stump Grinder to it’s Remote

how to see any Carlton or Red Roo
Wireless stump grinder to its remote insert the key into the switch and turn
the key to the “on” position make sure the toggle switch is in the “remote on
position” press the emergency stop button toggle switch on the remote then twist
and released the emergency stop button upon doing this the murphy switch button
will pop out and the machine will now be synced to the remote you will confirm this
by the pulsing yellow light on the remote now the machine can be started
press and hold the Murphy button while doing so turn the key into the machine starts to
crank continue to hold the murky button for at least three seconds after the
machine has been started the machine can now be operated with the remote. when
turning the machine off turn the key to the off position press the emergency stop button so that
the batteries in the remote do not go flat

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