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Hi, Welcome to CricketMinds show. Today we are going to learn batting setup. There are two important aspects of batting setup. Stance and Grip In today’s session we will learn stance I have split stance into 5 parts 1. “Feet” 2. “Knee” 3. “Hip” 4. “Shoulders” 5. “Head” I split into 5 parts because, In the coaching aspect instead of bluntly saying, your head is falling, or your leg is behind. we can precisely point the problem area like your knee is not flexed or your toe needs adjustment or your hip or shoulder is open/closed or your head is tilted. we can precisely point the problem area and correct it. So I have split the stance into 5 parts and explain it to you So that when you are playing, if you find where the problem is it’s easy to work and easy to go forward that is the main reason for explaining in parts 1. Lets, start with “Feet” Feet position is very important. we should face both the toes towards point position because, this will help your core to be faced towards point position. Because Cricket is a “side on” game. We should always maintain the side on position So that, we can move on either side of the wicket. if you look at the feet position, we should make sure that, your front foot should never cross your back leg. also your feet should be, “shoulder width apart” this will make sure, you have balance and mobility If you have a close stance, you may have mobility. But you will lose balance. If you have a wider stance, your stance will be balanced. But, you cannot move quickly. So, it’s very important to place your feet, “shoulder width apart” So, you can have both balance and mobility So that is the reason you should stand to our “shoulder width apart”. Also, you should make sure that, your front toe should never cross your back toe. it should be parallel or slightly open. 2. Lets look at “Knee” position Knee plays a important role for the balance Because, the weight on knee will determine the stability of the stance Some players will lock their knees if you lock your knees, you transfer your weight to your glutes. It will be very difficult to hold the stance. Some players will bend their knee too much. just like this. Look at this. by bending your knees too much, you add more stress to your knees or, to your lower back or, to your hamstrings You cannot hold this stance for longer time. Its very difficult to stand for long time. It will hurt. and when you move, your stance position will also change because of this. So, you should avoid bending your knees too much Your knee should be only slightly flexed. You should stand like, your are having a… leisure conversation with your friends. That’s the basic idea for standing longer time So, you should make sure that our knees are slightly flexed all the time. 3. Lets see about “Hip”. Hip should always be side ways (side on) Like I mentioned earlier, our belly button should face towards point position. That’s the indication, you are in side on position Some players will have the correct toe position… but they will open their hip. Doing so, their weight will be on their glutes rather than distributed. You should also not close your hip You should always maintain the shoulder width apart stands. 4. Lets see our “Shoulder: position Shoulder is the extension of our “bat”. Shoulder plays an important role See, if you open your shoulders, your bat position will change. your bat will point towards gully position if you close your shoulders, your bat will point towards fine leg or leg stump So you should stand to our shoulders Shoulder should always be parallel to the wicket and face the stumps all the time. Like this. easy 5. The last one is “Head”. Head is the heaviest part in our body when the head moves … your body follows along with it. So, your head should never fall. If you lean forward, you will lose your balance… and it will change your stance position. So head position is very important. During stands, you should make sure… your “nose” is in pointing towards stumps. Doing so, your vision will be clear between… Mid On to Mid Off positions. easily you can move towards the ball and play We discussed the stance in 5 parts. Let me show how an ideal stance look like See how all 5 parts are in line. toe facing towards point knee slightly flexed Hip side ways Shoulder side ways Head towards the stumps Nose towards the stumps and you have a 90 degree vision look the bat position. It comes from first slip or … from the off stumps So, this is how you should do a batting stance See … standing “shoulder width apart” That’s it.

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