How to Take a Cricket Batting Stance for Batsmen

Hi Guys Jemile again here from The Cricket School – we are just going to run over how you should take your stance. Keep your bat up nice and straight especially if your a little guy and ask for a middle stump guard But i’ve actually just marked it there – i actually cant tell but we’ll go with it But Middle Stump – good guard ok . You’ve got your guard keep your eyes on it and what you would do is something like this with the edge of your shoe there to make the mark i’ve got obviously the marking from that marking and also that there Then if your a little guy get the tips of your toes up onto that mark that way you will be able to protect your off stump which will be vulnerable when your small If your bigger as you see then really keep your feet on about leg stump and your bat on middle stump – OK so your in your stance here This is a good stance you don’t want to be looking around or over this part of the shoulder, this is a close
off and it makes it harder for you to play it is also means that your going to Tilt that way and your bodys alignment is in that direction there which means
it’s going to be harder to play a ball in this direction here. So you just open up and this shoulder really points more or less towards the back up batsman – Here and that Next we are going to move onto the Grip But that is another Video – But this is a nice Stance, a slight bend in the legs is good Don’t invert your feet Don’t Penguin your fet don’t point them out either Straight parallel – well same thing parallel lines Some people prefer this I’m not a big fan of that you may be that’s your choice, that’s your preference
whatever you’re comfortable with is good must be comfortable in your stance

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  4. of course you must be american! and here we see my friends the average american intellect ! Please feel free to bless us with more of your pearls of wisdom !!!
    O wise 1 ?

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  6. Please stop.We don't write negative comment about your sport so please stop this,different sports are for different people so please stop.

  7. I like this sport.I can watch the video if I wan't to.And the way is said your sport was idomatic,Which means it was not literally you sport.

  8. Great Video TheCricketSchool.

    How open should the stance be while facing left handed pacers. Tackling the blind spot in that case- if you know what I mean.

  9. Im an american and i play cricket and baseball, I think both sports are fun and challenging and personally i dont agree with anyone dissing any of the sport

  10. try dipping into your front foot shots the drill at the beginning of this video

  11. If you're taking a middle stump guard, why then put your feet on leg stump? If you're a "bigger guy", or more likely if your an offside player or have a trigger across your stumps, and you want to stand on leg stump, you take a leg stump or middle and leg guard?
    Your bat moves in a stance, feet won't, if you try standing on a different guard to the one you have chosen and go off the inconsistent nature of the where the bat taps your feet and thus head will never be in the same position.

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