How to Throw Baseball Pitches : How to Throw a Breaking Ball Pitch

The breaking ball is essentially a curve ball.
We grip the ball into the horseshoe, or with the seams, most of the pressure being on our
longest finger, with very light or almost no pressure on the first finger on the baseball.
Some guys will actually hike up their finger and put their fingernail in the ball to accomplish
this light grip. But, basically, to throw the breaking ball we’re trying to get our
fingers outside the ball and our hand, back of our hand get to a position at home plate
where that the ball rolls over the first finger, creating spin that makes the ball break down
and away from a right handed batter if you’re a right handed pitcher. Or, down and away
from from a left handed batter if you’re a left handed pitcher. And that’s the breaking

8 thoughts on “How to Throw Baseball Pitches : How to Throw a Breaking Ball Pitch

  1. im a great pitcher i can throw sliders sinkers cutters circle change and a screw ball now a curve im good for an 11 year old

  2. This is extremely helpful, but u guys could use a phantom cam to show exactly what u have to do with the hand it would be better

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