How to Throw Baseball Pitches : How to Throw a Knuckleball Pitch

The knuckleball is a pitch that takes years
to perfect. The ball can be gripped, literally with the knuckles on the ball or with the
fingernails on the ball. In either situation, you’re trying to create the pitch, as it’s
thrown, so that there is little to no rotation of the ball whatsoever as it nears the batter.
A knuckleball that rotates more than one time, in effect, becomes a batting practice fast
ball and usually gets hit very hard. So, it’s important to note when you’re trying to learn
a knuckleball, that you learn to throw it and deaden the ball with the fingertips or
with the knuckles to a point where the ball basically does not rotate, or at max rotates
it one time. This lack of rotation, with the air catching the seams of the ball, makes
the ball flutter, or float, or dive, or curve. All of these movements are effective ways
of throwing the knuckleball. (Demo)

60 thoughts on “How to Throw Baseball Pitches : How to Throw a Knuckleball Pitch

  1. The best pitch is the one that gets the batter out – My 12 year old son throws a knuckle ball even when others told him no – watch Bayard Baseball video 4 minutes into clip batter yellow socks

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  3. The one he threw was terrible. I can consistently throw one with less than half a rotation. It only took me a couple of weeks to find my grip and arm angle. The best way to learn this pitch is to try it many different ways. I only have one comment, do not grip the ball tight at all, it needs to be held loosely.

  4. As a O's fan I hate when Wakefield throws that damn Knuckle Ball,but when I get drafted I will perfect it and be the best.

  5. no one teaches children any off speed pitches. it hinders their growth and fucks up their potential so congratulations on failing your future in baseball

  6. I have a sick knuckle ball, with a wiffleball ofcourse. I am still not sure which is better to use, your fingertips/nails or actually using your knuckles. Sometimes my knuckles get sore when I use that approach, which hinders the effectiveness of the pitch.

  7. This was my secret pitch growing up…I remember I threw a particularly good one when I was 11 years old to this batter who had hit 9 home runs in the first 7 games of the season. He swung about 20 minutes too early and then got ejected for saying "wtf was that?!" lol…we won

  8. i submarine pitch and this breaking pitch is my ace it is the pitch i throw the most and come back with my like 72 mile per hour fast ball (yes i am not impressively fast) it works thanks this video showed me how to do it

  9. I understand what it is, but teach me how to throw it. Thats not a "How to" video. That's a "Definition" video.

  10. your not supposed to grip it by the seams but if u can get it to work consistantly it doesnt matter how you hold it

  11. you did not master it. okay maybe you get it spin but it has to dance like a butterfly and also look almost as if its a ferris wheel so dont try to bull shit us. dont hate because i told a 9 yr. old not to bullshit us

  12. i used to throw this pitch all the time. it took me 3 years to throw it correctly on a consistent basis. i had to come back and watch how to bc its been 6 years since ive pitched and every time ive tried to throw it since its never floated around like it used to for me.

  13. It's true it likes years to mater it. When I was a kid I used to throw one sidearm in the 2 years I spent in a local little league. I had mixed results. In our league we played 2 5-inning games a week for the summer, each team only had 2 "full-time" pitchers (kinda like goalies on a hockey team), I was the backup on our team. The first game I ever started was my best, I pitched 4 innings and struck out the first 9 batters I faced, but was totally inconsistent after that and I'm sure I lead the league in wild pitches so I gave up on the knuckler and went more conventional (that and our catchers HATED catching my knuckleball and pressured me to drop it) but it didn't change my results  Luckily our main pitcher was an absolute ace (he actually won the MVP award the first year I played) so he pretty much made up for my failures. We won the championship in year one and came runner-up the second year.

  14. perfect and learn is different. Took me around a month to learn and release it right but it has taken me almost 2 years to perfect. (a little less than 2)

  15. I was pitching in Pony League and one game I threw my knuckleball. The ball went right at the batter's head, he stepped out of the box, then the ball made a huge curve over the plate, he stepped back in and swung. By then the ball had sunk almost to the dirt. The ump stopped the game and came out to me on the mound. He said "son, what did you just throw?" I told him a knuckleball. He then informed me not to throw that pitch again.

    Go figure. The K ball, if you can do it properly with no rotation, is a great pitch. I guess no one in the Majors uses it anymore. Too bad because I always loved watching batters go "batty" trying to hit one.

  16. I'm 1 year old and i already throw a 95 mph knuckleball that drops 10 feet and either curves or runs 5 feet, sometimes both, it took me only 3 hours to perfect.

  17. Uhh I'm just starting baseball and could I try this? I gotta ask though.

    Im just curious. Im still 10. Also how long is years to be exact? Does it depend if you're willing to do it? Does it depend on your knowledge or how long you've played? or just skill? Or just plane learning of a throw.

    Pretend like Min-Seo from a game called Butterfly Soup. She can throw knuckleballs but only that since its the only thing that aligns with her strength since she's short and everything about her is min.

    Is it possible to just learn knuckleball and just practice that?

    Sorry for the amount of questions. I am just new y'know?

  18. I learned the knuckle ball by accident when I hurt my shoulder. I could no longer fling the pitch so I had to push the ball with my finger tips differently than anything I've seen on videos. It's really tough to describe, but when I figured it out people were jumping out of the way trying to catch it because they usually missed and got hit in the face with it.. 😉

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