How to Throw Baseball Pitches : How to Throw a Submarine Pitch

The submarine pitch is not so much as pitch
as it is an arm angle. All pitches, the fastball, change up, curve, knuckle ball, any of these
pitches can be thrown in a submarine manner and basically what they mean by submarine
pitch or a submarine pitcher is the ball is thrown from a position that is less than 90
degrees from the ground. It is thrown in this position. So all of the pitches for a submarine
pitch or all the pitches for a submarine pitcher are thrown almost in an underhanded manner.
Submarine pitchers can be very effective because the ball comes from a strange direction at
a strange angle and for one or two innings submarine pitchers can be very very effective.
Also because the ball is being thrown severely from the side it creates a larger angle which
makes it more difficult for some batters to hit and that is a submarine pitcher and a
submarine pitch.

16 thoughts on “How to Throw Baseball Pitches : How to Throw a Submarine Pitch

  1. wow if you pause it he actually throws an overhand rofl i really don't understand why he would make a video if he has no clue what hes talking about

  2. An instructional video saying what a submarine pitch is, and you idiots insult the way an old man demonstrates the pitch at the end of the video.

    Why do i even bother looking at the comments section of youtube videos… full of fucking retards every time.

  3. Underhand pitchers will likely love it. I am imagining submarine pitching that way—wind up as usual, but instead of going over, go underhand close to the field's ground, and at the point of going under, tighten your whole arm as you release the ball and aim that ball in the direction you want that ball to go – low, middle, or high over the plate, so that way, it maintains its desired trajectory you want (as well as the speed). If you want the ball to go high, do that release-flick at an 45-degree angle; if in the middle, do that release-flick at an 30-degree angle, and if low, keep the release parallel to the ground–do not let it go too low or you will end up with a wild pitch or passed ball opportunity for your opposing team. If you want to do a change-up type of submarine pitch, do as usual but do not fully commit to a fast-ball-like speed on the release–do a half-speed commit so that the ball goes, say, 65 mph instead of 95 mph, which will be the change-up.

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