How to Use a Water Bottle For Baseball Pitching Drills

What’s up baseball players! Today I’m
gonna cover water bottle or towel drill okay so again today we’re gonna cover
should you use a water bottle or a towel in your throwing drills so I personally
use the water bottle and today I’m going to show you why so if you’re new to the
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all the big stuff that I learned as a player and as a coach and a baseball
academy owner over the years so again today I have another video on the towel
drill so if you want to learn more in depth about my thoughts on the towel
drill definitely check that out the link is in the description here and really my
big thing with the towel is that just the way it sort of flies and flutters
and catches wind resistance when you throw it it just doesn’t feel realistic
it that was my my thoughts about it back when I started doing it as a kid it just
always felt somewhat awkward as I as I throw this towel so today I use half
filled water bottle so this is a 16 ounce bottle I got this one off Amazon
so it doesn’t look like a normal one you drink out of but it’s pretty durable
because I use it with tons of lessons clients every day it’s half filled with
water so it’s got about a half a pound of water a pint is a pound planck’s a
pound the world with the world around I’ve got blue food coloring and just for
giggles and then I’ve got four fingers on this side and my thumb right here so
this is how I typically hold this if you hold it like this you will for sure
chuck it on one of your first couple throws so four fingers on this on the
side and your thumb and then I like to hold this so it’s an extension of my
forearm so I’m not gonna hold like this or like this or like this but this is
just gonna follow my form like that okay so again we’re looking for this to
help me and understand where my hand is in space so that when I’m making changes
to my arm action I’ll feel the water go down with it so if I want a baseball
player to say if he’s breaking his hands like this which is a somewhat common
error and I want their hand to go down I’ll say look I want you to go here so
you feel the water rush down then pull then go through your motion rather than
if you feel the water stay in your hand then you didn’t do it quite right okay
so I really like the feel of the water moving the half pound is a nice weight I
think for dry work for anytime you’re not accelerating a ball because again
you’re throwing a 5-ounce ball SuperDuper hard throwing half a pound of
water at a pretty low speed I think probably this to equal out again it
feels I’ve thrown millions of throws in my life and this feels really really
natural and I like it a lot as a player and coach it’s good for helping to
improve arm action so if you’re a player that has a kind of low elbow working on
feeling the water flow up and over top as you pull down there’s a good way to
go about it this gives you some feel on your follow-through so as you finish
hitting yourself on the back helping to increase your the distance of your
follow through and get that elbow Bend at the end that’s also a big benefit so
the water bottle for me is I think the best way to go as far as doing dry work
at home and it gives you a realistic feel the way you accelerate the ball it
gives you good sort of tactile cues about where your hand is and your arm is
in space so if you’re trying to make changes to your arm action I feel like
the movement of the water and thus your wrist and your arm there’s a big benefit
there all right so and then again it’s cheap this thing
would cost you ten cents it was just like a you know nestle or Poland Springs
water bottle I do recommend 16 ounces I think the smart water bottles are
probably the best ones you can just like get at the grocery store the local
7-eleven they’re a little more durable this one again came in like a six pack I
think you’d buy these two like if you’re gonna prepackaged juice like sell juice
things like pretty durable but again any of it work so it could be a $0.10
investment and again it’s just gonna help give you a little bit more
sensation that the towel wouldn’t actually do like the towels not telling
you anything it’s just it’s just kind of like weight in your hand that just
flutters around but again this is going to move with you and it’s gonna really
help you increase your feel and I just think give you a little more motivation
to do dry work at home alright so if you found this video helpful definitely hit
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we’ll see you in the next video you

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