How to Watch Baseball : Explaining Innings & Scoring in Baseball

First, I’m going to start off with the big
picture. Big picture is probably much easier to explain. Let’s just start with the simplest
thing of all. Which team are you going to root for. You can come to the stadium and
root for the visiting team, which more often than not, does sit in the first base dugout.
First base dugout is where usually visitors, visitors sit during the game. You’ll find
a couple of different places, like Yankee Stadium, where the home team actually sits
in the first base dugout. More often than not, your home team is going to be in the
third base dugout, visiting team is going to be in the first base dugout. After that,
the object of the game is, in a nine inning span, who scores the most runs. The visiting
team is going to have their first ups, which means the first time that they’re going to
bat, they’ll be at the top of the first inning. There are nine innings. There is a bottom
and a top. Top inning is always for the visitor, bottom of the inning is for the home team.
In any case, let’s say it gets down to a ninth inning and the visiting team is ahead, the
home team always has the last at bat. They always get a chance to go ahead in the bottom
half of that ninth inning. Winning the game is truly that simple. Whoever scores the most
runs wins. Let’s say a game is tied at the end of nine innings, it does go into a tenth
inning and both teams get a chance to have an at bat. It is not truly sudden death where
it’s first team scores that wins. Both teams get a shot and it will keep on going until
the game is not tied at the end of the last inning. To score a run, it is fairly simple.
It is a man who crosses home plate. You got your first base, you got second base, you
got third base and you got home. When you get home you score a run but you have to do
that before the third out is recorded, so most of the time your runs come with one or
two outs. Simply it is, it’s sacrificing your way around the base. Whether that’s with a
hit or a, any numerous things. A walk. There’s many different things you can do to get around
the bases but the object is to get as many runners as you can around the bases and touch
home plate prior to three outs. That constitutes a run. The more of those you have the easier
it is to win.

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