80 thoughts on “How to Wear a Baseball Cap

  1. All of those make the guy look like a douchebag except for wearing it backwards and forwards– the normal ways. 😛

  2. What the fuck…Just what the fuck….who doesn't know how to wear a baseball cap like are u serious?

  3. @ElaineGenialee I don't mean this to be racist although I'm sure it will come across that way but……a lot of black people. And therefore, a large handful of white people as well.

  4. @Sickness4119 Well whoever made this video got paid at least 50 bucks, possibly more for doing it. Easy money if you ask me. If you're into making videos you should check out their filmmakers program. And more and better videos you make, the more you'll get paid.

  5. Easier:
    How to wear a baseball cap.
    you will need: a baseball cap
    Step 1: put it on your head
    Did you know: WE'RE NOT STUPID

  6. @thwipp This comment should have more thumbs up than any other comment in the history of the internets!

  7. @OfficialWomp Is dumbasses I know who is the dumbass here :P.

    And you forgot the Real steps its….

    Step 1: Find or locate the Cap
    Step 2: Put it in your head.
    Step 3: Tell everyone that you get the cap on.

  8. Wow, I've seen a lot of Howcast vids and a lot of people comment like "this is stupid , . What's next, how to eat?" and I never thought they were that petty, but this takes the cake. This may be the first video I've willingly seen that has more 'Dislikes' than 'Likes.'

  9. Thank you howcast. I have always had problems with wearing a baseball cap. Like i didnt Even know u put it on your head. This is an extremely hard task to do but you guys just made it look soo easy! Thnx a lot! With dedication and passion we shall all one day be able to learn how to put on a baseball cap.

    Seriously howcast is this a joke?? Just freakin Get a cap and put d sucker on ur head!!

  10. Step 1: Wear it backwards
    Step 2: Wear it backwards
    Step 3: Wear it backwards.

    That my friends, is how you wear a baseball cap.


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