How To Wrap A Bat Handle |

Hey, this is Corey from and I’m
going to teach you how to re-wrap a bat. First off, you want to take the bat grip and
you want to go down by the knob, probably as close as you can to the knob and then what
I usually do is I just end up taking this whole grip off. Once that’s in place, basically you’re just
going to just come around the bat and go around as tight as you can in a circle. Like so. Whenever you’re doing this, make sure that
this white piece right here is just coming right around where that little cuff is on
that bat grip. Follow that all the way around in kind of
a diagonal motion. That tends to happen on occasion. Make sure whenever you’re doing this that
you are pulling it as tight as you can and then pull it tight again. Bring it all the way around. It’s kind of a long and tedious process. But, really, it gets the job done. Once you come up to the edge, make sure you
put this like this, grab the electrical piece that your grip came with. It should look something like this. Or grab any piece of electrical tape. That’ll work. Peel these stickers off. Put this around. Like that. Like so. Try to get that as high as you can, as well. And that, is how you wrap a bat.

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