How Vampire Bats Suck Blood for 30 Minutes Unnoticed

NARRATOR: Vampire bats are
the only bats in the world that feed on blood. It’s a master of
echolocation, and uses bouncing ultrasonic sound
waves to locate its victim. It can fly. But it prefers to sneak up
on its prey from the ground. Strong hind legs
and wrists support its weight, while
elongated thumbs steer and push it off the ground. It can tell where the warm
blood runs close to the skin, thanks to heat
sensors near its nose. Dinner is served. But this vampire doesn’t simply
gulp down his victims’ blood. There are special
forces at work. With the sharpest teeth
in the animal kingdom, the vampire bat gently sheers
away the hairs of its victim, and makes a small
incision in the skin. The tongue slips along the
funnel-shaped bottom lip, lapping up the blood. Fine microscopic grooves line
the soft tissues in the mouth. The blood flows up
these narrow tubes and pours into the
throat of the bat. Thanks to a local
anesthetic in the bat spit, the victim doesn’t feel a thing. And a blood thinner keeps
the life liquid flowing. The horse has no idea
the bat is there. And the vampire feeds up
to 30 minutes undisturbed. Without its blood
fix every night, the bat will starve to death. But through super hearing,
the vampire will recognize this horse’s breathing. And tomorrow night, he
will return for more.

35 thoughts on “How Vampire Bats Suck Blood for 30 Minutes Unnoticed

  1. If there are some group of bats that have been tested and has no rabies or viruses, I'll gladly give my legs do the bats so they can get rid of my blood clots. Bats are important to our environment especially when they eat most of our insects. Even Dracula himself we gladly support the bats.

  2. I guess technically vampires do exist in many different forms. We have Mosquitoes, Fleas, Bedbugs, Oxpeckers, Vampire Finches, Leeches, Lampreys, and like in the video, Vampire Bats

  3. I saw a bat outside swooping you land in my hair it must have thought my hair was it’s nest but seriously that bat looks like the spider baby from granny ngl

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