Hydromax Xtreme Review | Unboxing And How To Use It?

hey guys today we’re gonna be talking
about the hydra max x30 extreme so basically in this video what we’re going
to be talking about it’s working by one how much it will cost you how to use it
what it comes with the measurements will it fit you and I’m also going to compare
it with a couple of the other bathmate models just so you can see what the
difference is so also one take this time to thank hydropump bathmate comm for
sending this product out so quickly to me i basically ordered this within three
days i received my package that’s amazing thank you and get started so
when you purchase this pump you’re basically gonna get in this black box
right here now this is a simple black box that’s just gonna say hydra my sex
is dirty extreme on it on the back in basic get a list of what are the things
you’re gonna be getting with and when you open up the box you’re gonna get
this cool water resistant capsule carry-on bag or hairy bag it’s gonna be
zip I guess this is a little lanyard yeah a little hand holder oh yeah go
ahead and open up this water-resistant bag and the things that you’re gonna
find in it is basically you’re gonna find that you’re gonna have a measuring
tool also cool thing about this bag is you’re gonna have a lock so you can lock
the bag so that nobody kind of snoops around and gets in your bag and find out
you have a penis bump sitting around pretty much me and Linda surround you
live with a bunch of people then I can get into your stuff you’re gonna get the
hand pump hose you’re gonna get a shower strap it’s not going to come in with a
box of course but totally fine you’re gonna get your
manual and warranty stereo bar on here video number that’s nothing what else
you’re gonna get with it of course is your cleaning brush this is one thing
that I noticed that was different about this if you look here on the box right
over here I’m not gonna zoom in but it was a lubricant bottle now they’ve just
given you little lubricant packages not a big deal but you know yeah you’re
gonna get your hand Bowl basically this is your hand pump of course you can get
the awesome extreme new pump and then you’re going to get a cloth cleaning
cloth but I don’t know why but the plain cough
is not listed in this area right here but what is listed is this comfort pad
and we’ll go over that later so let me go ahead and close this up you got the
things that I need so now you know what comes with everything right here let’s
go ahead and open up the pump so you know there’s the pump here is the
hand ball or hand pump and the hose so the way your and it just basically
attached this is this is gonna go in here and this is basically gonna go
insert into here and you’re gonna use it so what we’re gonna go over now is
basically how it works so if you’ve used the bathmate before it’s a new basically
the same almost the same way except for you’re gonna use now a hand pump there
is still a locking valve right here this valve system is a little bit different
if you go counter clockwise all the way that’s when now you can push down on the
valve system and release the compression or the the the pressure of it maybe go
all the way to the counter clockwise you’re gonna be able to lock that down
so when you push you are not going to be able to let go the pressure at all okay
with this locking mechanism it’s just like.how the other hydra max are you
push down and go right or left or up and down town where the valve is pointing
you can lock it now the only time you need to lock it is basically when you’re
taking showers when you’re taking showers you’re going to lock it you’re
gonna turn it upside down pour water into it once you’re ready to pump
you’re gonna insert your penis basically unlock it and start pumping and then you
can insert this unit right here and start the hand public motion
so basically a rundown on how you should be using this properly is that you
shouldn’t be used in this extreme for any more than 15 minutes a day the
reason why is that for your safety going to how to use the pump itself what
you’re going to be doing is basically if you’re going to be taking a shower
you’re gonna lock down this valve system once by locking it down I mean just
point it to the locking position either right left up or down like I said you’re
going to be adjusting this valve system all the way clockwise so it locks down
the valve fill it up with water upside down once you’re filling it up with
water you’re gonna go ahead and put it back up right unlock the valve system
insert your penis and start pumping now once you start pumping you can go ahead
stick this on and use the hand pump now after you’re done with a hand pump
do you basically either take it off so it’s more comfortable you can just leave
it on hanging either way it’s fine you’re gonna be doing this for every you
know I’ll pre pump in every five minutes or so to add pressure back in the
measurements and the weight of this this is this thing weighs ten point five
ounces the length overall length is 11 and 3/4 so that means top to bottom and
then the inside length when compress is about eight and a half inches and the
circumference around the comfort pad is about seven inches the maximum length
they suggest seven and a half inches the maximum girth is six point eight inches
you know obviously you can pipe it more and then there is this this stick here
when compressed is eight and a half you’re pausing a bit more I’m not that
big so I can’t tell you why but it could be because it just the pressure is so
high that having any more than seven F inches can be uncomfortable
I have read blogs and everything before that somebody with around seven have to
eight inches still use the x30 model and they’re completely fine I leave that up
to you guys now we’re gonna go ahead and talk to you about where you can buy this
product now where I bought all my bath maids they have quick shipping like I said
before their shipping was phenomenal within three to four days of my purchase
I got my my item their customer service is always create they actually have a
number that you can call they also provide a sixty day money-back guarantee
meaning that if any for some reason you don’t like back mate at all you can
return it which is awesome what you should expect on spending on this item
is definitely the cheapest I found it for was three hundred $49.93 that is the
cheapest with this product if you can compare it with the X 30 and buying it
with all these accessories and everything like that it actually adds up
to about three hundred and ten dollars but cheaper than this product of course
but then you’re not getting the valve system you’re not getting the hand pump
you’re not kidding the extreme so overall I believe it’s a better value
plus your nineteen and the council buy that can walk now we’re gonna go to
comparing the different models so here is the extreme here’s the X 30 and here
is the bathmate I tried cleaning these pumps before I did the video so that you
know you guys didn’t have to look at a hot mess but here is the first
generation here is the definite Hercules I still love this pump of course I don’t
use anymore because I have better pumps but overall this thing did its job I
upgraded shortly after and used this pump just because you know I like to
punish so much I was like hey why not the difference between this model in
this model of course is a comfort pad that’s a huge deal for me have to
replace these uh comfort pads you know you don’t get the locking now we just
not a big deal and you get less suction power
so this is out but as you can tell the sizing from the X 13 X 30 extreme are
pretty close they have the same clear color they have the same lines only
difference is the valve system the cater now is great instead of black and the
comfort pad now this is the comfort pad that comes standard with every X 30
model and this comes standard with every extreme model the difference between
these two is basically with the longer tube it’s going to help you guide in the
one you insert your penis and it won’t like basically your your shaft won’t hit
in between these these areas you know what I mean I also help you in a sense
to not stuck up in here your testicles but that is what this is made for and I
haven’t used it yet I’m excited to use it this is like I said the first time I
got my my extreme and I’m doing this video okay and I will be doing an
updated video after using this product for a month or so and you mean you guys
are update on how much I like it so keep keep your eyes open for that

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I just ordered 1, not that I need a reason to play with myself, but why not see what results I might get.

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    All my results and my review here: https://mantried.com

  3. According to your views this pump is best but this pump expensive does other pump also increase size I mean the pump which have low price also work to increase size or not

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