Hyesung’s tip on studying English [Happy Together/2020.03.12]

Are you sure you can show yourself like this? – I only wanted to offer my help. / – I see. I thought he was here with you. No, I’m here alone today. I see. – It’s nice to meet you. / – You startled me. – Did I? / – You see… Didn’t you know I was coming? – No one told me. / – Have you taken the TOEIC test? I took it a long time ago in middle school. – Middle school? / – What? – Middle school? / – Or maybe in high school. – Middle school? / – I was shocked, you know. She said it as if it wasn’t a big deal. Do middle school students take the TOEIC test too? Why did you take it in middle school? I studied for the exam to study English. What was your score back then? Around 930 points. (Around 930 points) About 930 or 940. (They’re all shocked.) She scored over 900 points in middle school. (He’s proud for some reason.) Did her family live abroad? Not for long, but she did live in the States for a while when she was little. How do you memorize so many words though? How many of them should you cover a day? I think I memorized about a few hundred of them. – A few hundred. / – A day? I’d memorize a few in my spare time like when I’m changing clothes or eating gimbap in the waiting room. Back when I was in school, I’d write on the restroom walls to save some time too. They could still be there, you know. So instead of setting time aside just to memorize words… I’m sorry to cut you off, – but you’re from a different world. / – Gosh, no. (English was the easiest for Queen Hyesung.) I’m only here to cheer you on. (He’s proud for some reason.) A different world? She’s from an entirely different world. – Tell me about it. / – Maybe another planet. – What’s this? / – Gosh, thank you. (Hyunmoo’s surprise gift) He bought it for her saying she likes it. Why didn’t he bring it himself? (Oh, my.) Oh, I see. Then… Well… Hyunmoo sent some snacks. – This might sound silly, / – Yes? but since both of you speak English well, do you two speak English when you’re alone together? – They can do that. / – No, we don’t. – I always ask her questions. / – They can do that. Since I learned English only in Korea, there are some expressions I don’t know because I’m not a native English speaker. When I ask about such expressions, she explains them to me. I guess you two watch English movies without Korean subtitles. Yes, we watch animated movies without subtitles. But when we watch a complicated movie to understand… Anyway, I envy both of you. You two speak English well. – The intelligent couple. / “The intelligent couple”? – It’s an English expression. / – Of course. But we don’t use that expression like that. The intelligent couple. I think this is also a good way for the team who are studying for a longer period of time than the other team. Do you guys watch movies often? – Yes, I do. / – Of course, I do. On the first go, watch it with Korean subtitles so you can understand the story. And then watch it again with English subtitles. Since you already know the story, you can learn how they express the situation in English. Watch the movie several times like this. After that, watch it without subtitles. If you try to understand everything without subtitles from the beginning, – you get stressed out. / – That drives you nuts. You don’t have to watch movies without subtitles. At first, you can hear it while reading the subtitles, and then you watch the movie without subtitles after you practice listening by repetition. You train yourself so you can understand without subtitles. An English teacher told me to watch news or dramas – to improve listening skills / – I see. without subtitles. They told me to watch it until I could understand. But I couldn’t understand even after a few hours. I wouldn’t work that way. – That’s right. / – It’s better to watch it with subtitles first. You need to learn the words first. Exactly. I don’t agree with that learning method. I tried that method, but I didn’t improve. It just got me stressed out. Jungmin is studying very hard. Then how about I test – his vocabulary? / – No. Why would you do that? – Just answer her questions. / – The first word. “Resume”. Pardon? – Professional summary. / – Oh, right. – Professional summary. / – Oh, right. How did you know? – Of course I know. / – You said you didn’t study. I memorized that word. But her pronunciation sounded a little strange. – Isn’t pronounced it “resume”? / – “Resume”. Many people think it’s pronounced “resume”. That’s what I thought. – It’s pronounced “resume”. / – “Resume”. It’s “mei”. “Resume”. Even if you know the meaning of the word, if you don’t know how to pronounce it, you can’t hear it. – “Resume”. / – As if you don’t know the word. – That’s exactly what I thought. / – Me too. I think that’s why pronunciation is important. for the LC part. “Confidence”. – Self-assurance. / – Self-assurance or trust? – “Professional”. / – Expert. “Reference”. – Allusion. / – Allusion. “Hire”. To recruit. That’s correct. “Hire”. (Gazing at her) It must be really nice. You’re just reading the words you already know. I wish I was like you. – I mean… / – It’s not like that. – I would / – She’s just honest. – tease you while teaching you. / – It’s not like that. I would say, “You don’t know this?” (They’re getting ahead of themselves.) – This is frustrating. / – I know. But you two are good at memorizing vocabulary. – I will do my very best, / – Yes. but I’m not sure how much I can improve my score. I understand. However, you can’t improve your score so dramatically – only in one month. / – It’s hard. – It’s really hard. / – We’ll study hard. – Thank you for your time. / – I’ll cheer for you guys. Don’t mention it.

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  1. I've watched before when Ryan Bang was your guest, also Sandara Park. It was really, really funny lol, I'm a Filipina Watching from Canada. More power to your show💗

  2. Wwwwwwwoooo so nice program Bravo and it’s the same for Korean language or any others language .. I love Korean language ❤️💖❤️💖🥇🌹🌟👍👍✨📔📔📔📔📔📔📔📔📔📔📔

  3. It is a good idea about the movies. I need to watch kdramas like that. Good pronunciation. One thing they have to remember is the pronunciation on the test will be the correct one also. If you do not hear it correctly when learning, you might not recognize it in the listening part of the test.

  4. True. That's how I catch some japanese, mandarin, cantonese, korean because I watch them a lot. Haha. I can sometimes watch those without subs and understand the story even not in depth. I am now into korean entertainment only so I kind of lost touch of the other languages. Watch English show since kids helped me a lot learning the language. English is not my native language.

  5. i didnt know that she is hyunmoo's current girlfriend tho, i thought he's still in relationship with hyejin the korean model

  6. Tip's on Studying English:
    Watch English Films
    Read English Books and Lastly, Having Conversation with Someone who is Fluent in English!

  7. The best way to learn is any language is speaking and reading. I learnt English mostly by reading newspapers, magazines, novels, listening to Radio and TV etc.

  8. try to speak English more often, you'll learn it in no time.. also watch English movies or listen to country songs..

  9. 만화를 영어자막으로 보는것이 더 좋을수도 있는데. 보통 한글자막을 보면 영어자막으로 안가는 경우가 많음. 그남아 디즈니 만화같은경우 영어자막이라도 아는 단어들이 나오고 자꾸 보다보면 단어랑 문장이 맞춰져서 자연스럽게 이해를 하게되는데.

  10. After getting the news that she kept on getting bunk and not telling the boss. I feel like he is using hyunmoos fame.

  11. My kids started speaks basic English at the age of 3.. theyre 5, 6, 7 now.. they talk Tag-lish (tagalog and english) to each other.. to learn English language, watch movies, listen to English songs, and the best way is to talk/speak in english.. filipinos can speak proper english with or without studying.. i dunno why? Maybe we’re born with it 😂😁✌🏼

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