– Hey, guys, welcome home. You’re here on the Carl and Jinger Family
Show. You know what I’m doin’ right now? I’m sneakin’ around, spying on everybody to
see what they’re doing because I wanna slip away and build a secret Lego box fort and
play hide-and-seek to see how long it takes everybody to find me because everyday’s a
new day. Let’s make it an awesome one. I think I have enough! I totally did it, you guys. There’s even a secret entrance right here. I can slide it in and out so I can come and
go as I please. As soon as you pick up the camera and hit
record, the time starts, you have to try and find me. – [Jinger] You guys can do it! – All right, so here’s the challenge. First of all, everybody’s busy. Jinger’s busy, Gage, Luke, and Kyle, everybody’s
doin’ different stuff and playing games. Some of’em are inside playing video games. I think Luke is livestreaming Fortnite right
now. Jinger’s messing around in the kitchen doing
stuff, and Kyle’s over there somewhere. He’s riding drift carts and trikes around
in the driveway over there. My goal today and my challenge that I’m giving
myself, and you’re gonna have to smash that like button and give me good luck cuz it’s
gonna be difficult, I gotta sneak past everybody, and I’m gonna take the giant Legos up into
the guest house upstairs, and then I’m going to build a secret wall in there and a secret
fort, and then I have to supply it with all my stuff, all my favorite snacks and drinks
and everything like that, and then I have to see how long I can stay there before Jinger
finds me. The first thing that I need to do is sneak
up in the house here and see if I can figure out where Jinger is, cuz she’s gonna be the
one that catches me. Okay, I’m in the closet right now. See, look, here’s all my clothes. You guys wanna see in my closet? Look at this, this is all funny. Oh, here’s one of our merch shirts, look. Let’s make today awesome. I’m in the closet in here, and I’ve pulled
up the security cameras, and I figured this is gonna be a really good way for me to try
and spy on’em. Okay, so I can see the front room, the living
room is sketchy, I think I’m gonna hafta stay outside in the backyard. Oh, there’s Kyle right there, he’s right over
by my office. It was definitely a mistake to come in here
and hide, I should’ve stayed outside. I need to go out and look in the garages and
get the giant Lego mega blocks, and then get up to the guest house and start building my
secret wall. I’m playing hide-and-seek with my family and
they don’t even know it. I wonder how long it’s gonna take before Jinger
even knows I’m not here. The only person that I have to watch out for
right now, I think, if I go outside right here, is Kyle, cuz he’s definitely playing
out back. I’m gonna go out there, and I’m gonna look
in the guest house garage. It would be really lucky if the Legos are
in there because then I would have everything I need in one spot. I can hear people talking in the living room. Okay, here we go. Oh, Jinger’s right there. Got to stay down. Okay. She’s got her headphones in. Here’s the thing. I have to avoid my own security camera. The good thing is I know where they are, and
I can turn them off with my phone. So I’m gonna access my security cameras and
turn’em off so I can sneak around. Kyle’s not on the drift cart. I think the coast is clear. I’m gonna make a break, I’m gonna run over
there and check for the giant Legos. You guys like my socks? Check’em out. They’re palm trees and stuff. Okay. I’m lookin’ for giant Legos. Here’s the magic tracks, Orbeez, look at all
this stuff. Here’s more magic tracks, Hot Wheels, cars
and tracks, everything. There they are, right there. See anybody? I think everybody’s in the house. Oh! I hit the jackpot! Look at this! They’re all stacked up and everything! This is perfect! And I’m in the same space that I need to be. All I gotta do is go through that door, take’em
upstairs, and build a secret wall. Okay, I’m in the guest house, but there’s
Kyle’s helmet so Kyle might be upstairs. The door’s open. Oh! Look! More giant Legos already up here! I might even have enough already up here to
build a wall already without having to even get anything else. Okay, let the hide-and-seek begin. It’s time to build my secret hidden box fort. We have a bunch of stuff up here, it’s kinda
messy and everything, so. I think one of my strategies is I’m going
to be leaving everything as much the same as I can, so if anybody comes up here to look
for me, if Jinger comes up here, it all looks untouched and they don’t think to look here. Perfect. This is definitely the room I’m going to use,
and I’ll tell you why, because I can build a giant Lego box fort wall right here just
like Jinger did. In fact, the whole reason that I’m doing this
is that Jinger did this to me and she made me try and look around and find her and see
how long it would take to find her, and she built a fake wall like that. Here. Here are some highlights. – [Jinger] All right, you guys, we have our
wall all built! Look it goes up to the ceiling! Where are you? I miss you. Where are you? All the cars are here, where are you? I am in a secret hiding place, Carl. As soon as you hit record, your time starts,
and you have to find me. – One of the other big reasons that I chose
here is that I think that, if I’m careful and I pick the direction when I Facetime Jinger
and call her on the phone and I tell her that I built a secret fort and she has to find
me, she’s not gonna think to look up in the guest house. I’m gonna have a big, comfortable bed that
I can lay on for as long as I need to, even if I wanna take a nap, and then I can always
peek out the window right here like this and see if anybody’s even coming. That’s a problem. There’s really not anything to eat up here. After I get my wall built, I might have to
open it up and sneak down to the house to get some supplies. Oh my gosh, I have so many Legos. So much for leaving everything exactly the
same, right? I think I have enough! Look what I just found. These were left up here last time I was here. I feel like Survivor Man, and I’m in the guest
house and I’m trying to build a fort to survive the night for a 24 hour challenge, can I survive? All I found in my surroundings so far is two
mini Kind bars and one tropical fruit strip, and a bunch of uncooked hamburger meat in
the freezer. But, let’s face it, we all know I could probably
go about four days without eating and be okay as it is. I’m all set, time to start building! So far, so good, check it out. I’ve got part of the bottom of the wall already
constructed. I’m gonna go all the way up to the ceiling,
if I can, at least above the door, and then over here, just like Jinger did in her video,
I’m gonna put a hatch right here so that I can go in and out. The only thing that I’m already concerned
about is I’m not a hundred percent confident that this is enough Legos. I might hafta sneak back down to the house
for some more supplies. Jinger just texted me and said that she’s
going to get food. I didn’t quite have the camera ready, but
I think I just heard Jinger pull out of the driveway. That means, if I’m gonna go back into the
house and get more supplies or go downstairs and get more Legos, which I definitely think
I’m going to need, I’ve made some progress but I’m gonna run out of Legos for sure, so
I’m gonna hafta go downstairs and get some more of those. Now’s my chance. The things are heavy. All right, I got the Legos upstairs. Now I just have to get in the house. I also have to set up a camera so that, when
the timer starts and Jinger has to try and look for me to try and find me, she can get
her perspective running around looking for me. I have a little bit of a problem, you guys. Kyle’s right inside there. Gotta be super quiet. Okay, let’s make sure it works good. Are you working? All right, we’re good to go. We did it. I’m gonna have to find another way in. The garage is closed, and I can’t come in
the front door. Kyle will definitely see me, so I’m gonna
hafta sneak in through the basement. I just realized something. I don’t know where Gage and Luke are. I don’t know if they stayed home or if they
went with Jinger. The luckiest thing just happened, you guys. Wait, I’m gonna come in here and hide. Check it out, I just got this message from
Luke. – [Luke] Hi, Dad. – Look. – [Luke] Got Firehouse Subs. – Apparently, Gage, Luke, and Jinger are all
at Firehouse Subs eating lunch, and they sat down, and you can totally tell in the video
that they’re eating, so I have a little bit of time. I just have to get past Kyle. Yeah, fruit snacks, fruit snacks, guys. Corn chips! Beef jerky! Okay, perfect, perfect, perfect. I’m just gonna use this cooler, and I’ll put
everything in here, stash all my stuff, and then make a run for it. I have to plan on the eventuality that Jinger
can’t find me for up to 24 hours, so I don’t know, maybe I should take some rice, maybe
I’ll, ooh, lemme take some drinks, there we go. Oh, I just got a great idea! Look at this! There’s a laundry shoot that goes down into
the laundry room and instead of trying to carry this past Kyle and making a bunch of
noise, I’m gonna drop this down. Lower it down. Quietly. Now I just gotta sneak back down, retrieve
my snacks, and get back up to the fort. This is becoming the most ultimate hide-and-seek
ever. I’m having so much fun. Here we go. I still have to hide from the cameras for
Jinger. More crawling. Okay, now I just gotta finish my fort before
Jinger gets home. Well, I got my snacks and I got my giant Legos. Time to build a box fort. It’s Jinger, every single time, where are
you? I wanna text right back. Why did you turn off your location? Where are you? Oh no. She’s not looking around outside yet, but
the problem is cuz she’s asking why I turned my location off. I think I give myself about maybe five minutes
tops before I’m gonna hafta call her and start the time and tell her where the camera is. I better really get busy here and finish this
box fort, make my wall and shut the door and everything like that because she’s home and
she doesn’t know where I am and she’s trying to find me already. I totally did it, you guys. I have an entire box fort built. Look, the wall goes all the way over, it looks
awesome. The door is closed and, look, there’s even
a secret entrance right here, so when she comes in from the other side, it’ll be hard
to tell that there’s even anything here, but I can slide it in and out so I can come and
go as I please, so now it just depends when Jinger gets home and she starts really looking
for me, as soon as she calls I’m gonna tell her where the camera is and when she picks
up that camera, the time starts for the hide-and-seek challenge. – [Jinger] Have you guys seen Dad anywhere? – [Kyle] No. – Carl? I have been looking for him everywhere. I don’t understand. I’m gonna look around, so I’m gonna look downstairs. – [Gage] All right. – Carl? – Look, you guys, I was just checking on the
security cameras and Jinger’s, she’s running all over the basement trying to find me right
now. Oh, uh oh, she’s on the phone. She’s calling me right now! I’m gonna try and get somewhere so she thinks
I’m in a really small spot. Look at this. Hi. – Hey! – I’m somewhere– – Where are you? – I’m somewhere really secret! – I have been looking for you everywhere. – Really? – Yes! – [Carl] Okay, just like you did to me, you
built a secret box fort and you hid from me and it was a hide-and-seek game to try and
come and find me, right? – Yes. – Okay, so go upstairs to the piano. As soon as you pick up the camera and hit
record, the time starts, you have to try and find me. – Okay. Right now. – [Carl] Yeah, okay, you got it, ready? Okay, hit record on that camera and then it’s
a race to see how long it takes to get me. Here’s the only clue, okay, there’s a Lego
wall. – Okay. – [Carl] And this wall. – Okay, time starts now! – On your mark, get set, go! – Bye! – All right, okay, she’s looking for me, we’ll
see how long it takes. – Okay, Carl is somewhere, he has Lego blocks
behind him and a blank wall. That’s all I know. So I have to go through the whole house and
see where I can find him. Carl? – [Kyle] Dad’s not in here! – What? Have you guys seen Dad? – [Kids] No. – Well, have you guys seen anywhere where,
Carl? – [Gage] Did you already check down in the
basement? – I have looked everywhere in this whole house. The garage. Nothing! Ah! – I can see down in the main house that she’s
running around in the house all over there frantically down there trying to find me. It has not occurred to her yet that I’m not
even in that building. I’m all the way up here. I’m actually really excited. I’m excited for Jinger to find me, actually,
because I kinda miss her. We’ve been working separate today, I’ve been
up here building the fort and up here building the secret box fort and everything, trying
to hide from everybody, all it did was make me miss my family a whole bunch, and so I’m
kind of excited for her to find me. I’m cheering her on right now just with you
guys. – He was in the house because there were walls
around him. I have no idea where he could be, you guys. We have to look in every door, you guys. Oh my gosh, it’s been over one minute! Carl? Nothing! Carl! What in the world? He is not down here. It makes no sense cuz I know he’s in the house. Hold on, maybe if we call him we can hear
the echo. If he’s inside the house, maybe we can hear
him talking. – Ah, she’s calling me back. She’s stuck, she can’t find me. Hi. Hold on, I’m giving clues away, oops! You mighta got a clue there. Did you see something you shouldn’t have right
there? – [Jinger] No, I only see the wall and the
box fort behind you. – [Carl] What’s the problem, are you having
a hard time finding me? – Okay, I’ve looked everywhere in the house,
and you are not in here, but I know that you’re in the house because you’re in a room. – I’m in a room, I’m definitely in a room
that has electricity and lights and everything. I can definitely stand up. I’ll give you a hint, I’m on the property
but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m in the house. – The guest house! The guest house! He’s in the guest house. He’s in the guest house. We’re gonna hit three minutes! We gotta go! Run! He’s in the guest house. Okay, whoaokay, lemme just check here. Carl? – Oh, she’s in here! She’s running around looking for me. It’s just a matter of time. – [Jinger] Carl? – And then it’s a matter of how long can she
find the hidden entrance? – Okay. What the heck? Carl? Okay, there’s the bathroom. Yeah! Oh my gosh, we found it! I found it! Okay, okay, we found it. Carl, are you in here? Carl! Can I get in here? Oh, there. There. What is that? Yes, yes yes! You guys, there’s a secret hidden passage. Look at this, look at this. Oh, and you can push it. Whoa, whoa! – [Carl] Yeah! – Woohoo! Oh my gosh! – [Carl] You did it! You made it! – Oh my gosh, Carl, I have been looking for
you forever, okay? – [Carl] I know, I totally threw you on that
one, right? – This is so awesome, okay, your door is way
better than mine. – [Carl] Oh, do you think? – This is so awesome, it just goes in like
that. – [Carl] Yeah, I put some work into it so
you can just slide it right in there and then it just pops right back out– – [Jinger] What the heck? – [Carl] Totally secret box fort thing. – This is so cool! – [Carl] This is so awesome, huh? – Doing it in the guest house totally threw
me off, I had no idea where you were. – It looked like I was back in the main house. There was no way for you to know it, and then
I even squatted down on the floor so it’d be hard for you tell I was in a small space. – I couldn’t even tell at all where you were. That was so crazy. – But you totally found me, I don’t know,
we’ll have to stop the time and see and everything exactly when you got here, I’m not sure when
that is, but we’ll have to check it out. Jinger, great job, that was really fun. You were running so fast, that was awesome. If you guys haven’t watched the video where
she did the same thing to me and I had to run around playing hide-and-seek trying to
find her, click the one on screen, I’ll put the link up here for you just for you guys,
and I’ve also hand-picked these other ones, if you liked this one I think you’re gonna
like these as well, so check’em out and we’ll see you guys next time. – [Carl And Jinger] Bye! Can you believe that? I’ve been up here for a little while. That’s way cool. – You did a good job, I didn’t even know where
you were, man.

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