I could eat three bowls of rice with this dish even without meat肉可以不吃,这样一碟小菜,我能吃下三碗饭!|Liziqi

Sichuan pickled seasonal vegetables Candied ginger, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, star anise and fennel seeds Boil for 20 minutes White wine Seasonal vegetables Salt Stir to dissolve white liquor salt water seal with water edible after 10 days

100 thoughts on “I could eat three bowls of rice with this dish even without meat肉可以不吃,这样一碟小菜,我能吃下三碗饭!|Liziqi

  1. I used to be like this living on the mountain grow everything..eat fresh vegetables and fruits everyday til people start steal out foods and do bad thing to our farm..yes people from where i'm from do bad thing to your land and foods house everything when they jealous of what you have..anyways now im living in the u.s working my ass of everyday..i miss my old living style life..

  2. Ur videos r demonstrations of mindfulness..! Can experience that bliss by just watching u cook with such a calm and serene expression..! Just love ur videos 😍

  3. Ребята покажите им кто нибудь лопату. Так жалко смотреть как они мотыгой всё копают.

  4. Hello mam I am from India and I love watching you video it's soo natural and soooo close to our mother earth love u and Ur video sooo much.

  5. When I look about her life style I want to be farmer not in Nagaland but in their place boz the soil is totally different

  6. Reading her captions made me remember my days living in China where I had this vegetable all year long… stir fried with pork/beef, as a condiment for my congee in the morning, eating it with grilled fish by the river with ice cold beer, or eating it with pork ribs soup..

    what a lovely memory. thank you LI Ziqi for bringing these memories up.

  7. Your videos are so beautiful and relaxing. I watch them over and over before I go to bed and I sleep like a baby!
    Scottish lady ❤️

  8. No doubt her videos are wonderful. ..But the interesting part is whether she read the comments or not everyone give wonderful comment. .so l enjoy reading comments as well..😃😃😃😃who else with me

  9. I sweetie , what kind of garlic are those ??? The Chinese garlic we get in Canada are terrible, we have to grow our own or buy imported, !! Please I wish you would answer our comments !! Loved the soup but I would have liked more without any meat 🥩, I love the animals and would never eat them !!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. I love liziqi so much because she is very beautiful and talented girl …it's my great dream that I want to live some days of my life just with u nd like u ….😍

  11. beautiful garden with fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish in the pond, clean air, I love watching your videos Liziqi👍

  12. you are a smart, industrious, talented etc…. you are more than just a woman, an inspiration, the best wife material, a good grand daughter, a good woman, yet so pretty. i am lost for words praising you Li Ziqi and i dont even know where to start

  13. Почему нет перевода на русский язык? Не понятно но очень интересно.

  14. 子柒姑娘!每天作的事情花樣要求多變化!我崇閔很喜歡妳的拍攝的視頻中學習!很感興趣!妳好像一重時空穿越而來的仙境姑娘!如果我在您身邊!就可以保護您互動互愛一起過這真實際感覺!陪伴娘子一生!OK!嗎?崇閔致上

  15. Ooh please liziqi have some merci on the viewers, I'm a woman ,an african,you are killing smoothly and softly my taste buds only by watching you,you are mesmerizing for the least I can say,your style and method and choices of ingredients in your dishes as a traditional cook I now of respect.you deserve an award.You are one of a kind. Thank you ,and you tube .

  16. The land is so rich love your channel I see others but they are not the same you have a serenity don't ever change the music or no talking that's what I like.

  17. APA d sini cuma q Dr Indonesia yg nggk pernah ketinggalan chenel nya liziqi 🤔🤔seneng bgt pokonya klw nonton tu bawaanya enaaak ja 🤗🤗

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  19. she is absolutely a role model of modern young women, who is strong and independent.And she basically living a environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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