I Won $70,000 in a Mr. Beast Challenge!!

I think the next person we should find
should be someone from yesterday that’s right we are about to compete in a game
of hide-and-seek where the stakes are potential win at $70,000 no how is that
possible you may ask well our friend Jimmy or as most people know him mister
piece it has with creativity and scale taking YouTube by storm by becoming one
of the biggest and fastest growing creators with over 30 million
subscribers and he’s known by many for pulling off some extremely high state
contests now recently on this channel we haven’t been winning as much as we’d
usually like to in the past we’ve taken the internet by storm when we challenged
Will Smith to bungee jump out of a helicopter fooled the internet with the Justin
Bieber burrito stunt this photo is going mega viral aura climbed a mountain in
shorts during a snowstorm with ice man and what better wind to come back with
than to take over and conquer a challenge from the current king of
YouTube himself the game will be set in an abandoned old western theme park on
the top of a mountain in the freezing weather of North Carolina Matt myself
Thomas and our lead editor Tom with the contenders and so two days before we
began to very calmly put together our plan we’re about to attend the most
important contest of our lives do you understand diversity all of mr.
beast incited seeks have had ten people it means we with a 30% chance of winning
$70,000 say one of us wins do we share whoa we’re time out this morning we
should either put it all back in history or this is where Thomas got greedy
Thomas whine like like a $10,000 prize for the person that won to give them
incentive to win fur which is fair that’s actually pretty good incentive
just an idea one time we played the game when I was a kid and I just fully peed
myself out of fear there’s no telling what you planned for actually that’s not
the idea because if we’re spending like 12 hours in one spot adult diapers doing
it hiding your own piss for like bring along John’s I didn’t think it was
Oh Cole you think it’s going down here the mountains crazy really yeah that’s
gonna be the cold more than the time steaks just once ladies and gentlemen it
is the night before the big day how we feeling I’m very nervous I’ve had
nightmares the past two days you see if we’re all being honest
why because we’re gonna be hunted we’re just hiding going to say no $7,000
nobody’s taking this seriously but us days upon us hide and seek this man it’s
not trying to find us for the basically the next day well this just gonna go on
until you find exactly so it could be ten hours or it could be a full day yeah
I’m doing this together with good luck yeah you’re not allowed to pass through any
caution tape that you see you’re not allowed to climb any fences all right
this is a mountain if you climb the fence you fell off the mountain it won’t
be a good time forgets this is literally Hunger Games be a lot of snow hidden
it’s most of snow until like five o’clock it seems like there are a lot of
hiding spots but you also know they’re gonna look in all those hiding spots
like the good hiding spots are actually the bad ones what’s interesting with the
snow is the footsteps if you’re trying to hide anywhere they’ll see exactly
where you went this is seventy thousand dollars and whichever one of you i find
last keeps it there’s a timer counting down from 20 minutes good luck I’m
extremely nervous why is there drought way too many sloths way too many spots
there’s a way to eat no not in here I feel like everyone’s going to zone three
so the keys to think where would they not look at all I’m gonna head section
three oh my god they said roofs are off-limits they
didn’t say anything about headaches okay this is not safe and we have to go hide
outside but it makes sense to go in here behind them here it’s gonna be it’s
gonna be home for the next a little while go down there so I’ve built with this little barricade
on the side of a box I’m right and thanks to where Jimmy and Carissa can be
started with they come this direction first score head I think we have like
three and a half minutes left four minutes four minutes sorry I’m a
hat side gotta do bold things I think this is a spot only uh eight
more hours in the snow nice don’t know how long I can stay in here
especially if I need to pee but I’d rather lose my legs and lose this game five four three two two melon there are
three yes Theory members in here and if only one of us survives and we all went
hopefully they’re in great hiding spots because $70,000 man that’s a lot about
it I’m going in oh wait hey crit did you go behind it
oh I see put it back you know Cody you’re the first one that was my only
gold not to be first attention attention cody is out and he is in jail 33% chance
we got this I think the next person we should find should be someone from
yesterday oh you know that he doesn’t think we know okay challenge accepted
they want to find someone from yes Terry next hope I didn’t think sister I might make it right over it back to
someone while there aren’t some three it’s better risky because I have a long
way to go what is that what is this these pac-man machines oh that’s a book
bag is it yeah I’ve disappointed my man phase for she
to jail very sad you have to make this announcement Seneca Thomas Thomas attention everyone we have found a
second person matt is now out no I thought Matt no Matt means there’s only
two of us left doesn’t part of yesterday all right make a break for it Hardman enjoyed earlier wait what’s out that door just slammed I
left it open you guys the attention everybody
so three will be closed in 15 minutes you have 15 minutes if you’re in zone 3
to get out of zone 3 zone 3 just got closed really glad I gambled and took
zone 1 is my spot that means I can just stay here and wait
in this book bag with a sleeping bag under this sleeping bag was an alarm
clock glued shut that goes off in
approximately 4 minutes oh they can’t turn it up a surprise is about to happen
now there’s something beeping in my pack Ben was found and is now out they found
Ben two out of six chance to win four yes theory we really really need to pee
but I’m terrified to get out I got I should I’m back in position
all right we’re search it again we’re gonna go to jail Kelly is out four of you remain what are your predictions honestly I
think karma will win you doesn’t know my voice just stop this is the final
quadrant right here it’s a celebrate Chris reading the bell at the signal
that you’re gothy close number three number two I’m still here some people
say that it’s best to move around I say the best thing to find a place in camp
and just wait there all day we’re gonna sweep every house I’ve been looking at this little wooden
lump over here and I can’t stop seeing like different faces that doesn’t that
look like a face attention Jamie we have a new friend for you attention three of
you remain Tyler was just valve they just found
Tyler two out of three of the people left are part of miss Barry let’s calm there’s three people left and two of
them are your friends Matt yeah I’m gonna find one of those Thomas’s neck
they’re both strategic geniuses just let me know
my boys are still out there come on bring it home bring it home so I’m
grabbing been out of jail to help me find people so hard anything’s like the
best place to be would be in some rush and not in like a building right it’s
been quite a while since we checked it I know hey buddy you traitor
you’re so long really what do you hear when I walk by yeah I really thought I
was gonna win guys guess who we found I think we may have just won I think we’re
just one who is it attention attention Thomas has been
found there is one Thomas left and the car Oh Thomas what’s running through
your mind he’s been like very stealth this whole game I think he’s very good
at hiding I believe in him but I’m also extremely nervous so Carl has been in
this position before he’s got experience which is a little nerve-racking that’s a lot of snow I feel like
someone’s in research there’s some scouting her on the back okay let’s
start off back here yeah and Chris no there were some house I can’t believe
I got away with that money the jail cell my heater I didn’t see anybody
he’s got hi there good look at these footsteps boys I cannot we literally just did three
entire trips Oh like I’m gonna need you guys to move
to a different hiding spot that’s at least in a different building we’re
doing ten minutes to go find another place we’re going back to my justice I would be freaking out it’s however
hiding right now it’s a completely new spot with more people coming I have a
feeling it’s gonna happen soon now let’s still know where are they how
is it that we can’t find either shelleyan barrier over their bins over
there we scanned this whole block where are
they I don’t understand how they could hide this I don’t think I’ve ever been
this frustrated in my entire life I don’t know what to do yeah Cody found
somebody did you find someone Cody you found
somebody everyone to the church who do you found the car or is it Thomas oh my
god oh boy who’s been found I’m literally so
excited worried and then also gonna be really sad
no I feel like all right to see him oh my god
who is it oh my god look at this door wait we literally tried to enjoy it
because I think there’s someone Hey I hate you Oh Wow Blizzard Thomas you want thousand dollars anything you want to
say before we in the video am I dreaming yup and he actually gave
us the money but to be honest with you we never had the intention of keeping it
if we were to win so now with $70,000 in hand we’re gonna let you mindfully and
creatively decide what we should do with it think of a person in your life or a
big purchase TSP we could potentially make for the community as a whole drop
us a comment down below on what you think should happen and subscribe to
this channel to see the second part of the story I will see you next week yeah
guess what I won

100 thoughts on “I Won $70,000 in a Mr. Beast Challenge!!

  1. Hey Matt, Ammar, and and Thomas,
    Recently, one of my best friends that I met when I first moved to Georgia just lost his dad due to heart problems. He's only a freshman in high school, and him and he sisters with his mom have been struggling with the death. Also, his mom now has to cover college costs for a sister who is about to leave for college as well and support the whole family. If you could do something for them, that would be amazing. Thanks

  2. I mean… I live in North Carolina and just totaled my car and I definitely don’t have the money to get a new one. It’d be amazing to get a new one if you’re in the Mr.Beast Spirit

  3. Hey @yes theory i believe that you should spend your money by investing and becoming a mentor to upcoming youtube like us, we would love it if you could be able to take us up as mentors in this industry as we are young African teens trying to change society's outlook (the African society in specific) on venturing and possibly making a career out of YouTube. our story is we come from uganda located in east africa and our economy is not yet as strong so some of us are lacking financial support, we would love to have a chance to get equipment like camera's mics but we cant afford it so we tend to rely on mobile phones or go ahead to borrow equipment thats if they are generous enough to give it to us…so yes theory team we would love it if you could take us up as a growing channel and become out mentors who could help us and teach us skills in order to be able to impact our community here in uganda kampala

  4. I’m honestly so happy that you guys could make a come back like that. In today’s day and age, it’s difficult to say the least. I love how humble you guys are. Would be rooting to see more context from you in the future

    In my mind, you should use the money to go undercover in a children’s hospital and get to learn their stories and pay their bills/debts at the end of it. It’ll be very touching and meaningful to the community as well

  5. In my opinion, it would be best if you guys provided people with their needs. For example, with this corona virus a lot of people are missing out on being able to purchase toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, canned goods and other long lasting food. A huge problem is mothers not being able to buy diapers, formula and baby wipes due to people hoarding. (I work at Walmart so I see this first hand) Instead of donating to a charity and not being able to see the donation in action you guys should do a video per help. For example:
    These are just ideas, and I can guarantee on the journey of doing this you’ll run into someone amazing who’s in need of more than just toilet paper and it can be something great. If this idea isn’t the brightest you guys should do something that has a long term effect, like help a family open a restaurant or build a mechanic his garage or help me open a used car dealership, Something that causes a chain reaction where your deed can open spaces to have more good deeds. I’ve always been told I’m funny and creative so I’ve dreamed of being some type of influencer and wanting to live in Los Angeles and have fun but there’s no type of opportunity for me to grow or gain traction, maybe use your social media wellness to help people with real talent or some type of mission to blossom in this big social media bubble? Maybe open a new channel with that money as the budget and have a hiring event over Skype or in person where the new creative genius’s can make videos.
    Just ideas 🙂
    Best of luck boys !

  6. start a yes theory scholarship!! to students who fulfill the yes theory vision and are looking to peruse higher education but need financial help towards making their dreams a reality

  7. Im a senior and because of the coronavirus all of our senior activities are cancelled and we might not even get to have a graduation ceremony. we're all bummed about it because we have been working towards this for 13 years. This almost "magical" senior year that everyone talks about is getting taken from us. something that you guys could do with the money is give back to some schools so that their seniors can enjoy their senior year instead of just feeling forgotten.

  8. I'm so disappointed the third fellow out was betrayed. He sat in that freezing wind so long I hope you at least bought him some coffee!

  9. Help small record labels such as Ninety9Lives or connected sounds who release good music and don’t have a big following

  10. Everyone in the comments be like GIVE IT AWAY

    Pshhhh please you know you would be keeping like $69,500 of that yourself if you won this money.

  11. Congrats, Tom, for winning! Best strategy ever!

    I think the need of the hour is to help with the coronavirus outbreak. Especially with families being so far away from eachother and not being able to travel, I'd use the money to try and safely transport as many people as I can back to their loved ones so that they can take care of eachother and pay it forward.

  12. Idea for the $70K: You guys can go around donating to families and people who can’t work right now because of the virus, highlighting their stories. I think you should focus on the immunocompromised people, especially younger people because they’re often left out in all this virus discussion and are at high risk so they can’t leave their houses at all!

  13. Congrats. It would be great to donate some funds to a worthy cause. Maybe to a Food bank that might be assisting students who are out of school but rely on school to eat up to 2 meals a day. Thanks

  14. Idea for $70K: When it’s safe to do so again, Rent out a venue, and put on a talent show with your subscribers as contestants! It could be like Americas Got Talent meets Yes Theory!! You could have a live audience! And maybe you can make it a two parter, and have subscribers compete in a maze or race or puzzle of some sort to get a spot in the talent show!! (ps if u do this pls invite me to watch haha)

  15. I mean, this is gonna sound probably bad, but I would love you guys to donate to my page, even if it is $1, or just give me a shout out, cause I am about to become a missionary with an organization called GlobalU which is a mobile university that teaches entrepreneurship and IT, and I need to fundraise around $24,000 to go. I am gonna be traveling to travel to Spain, Israel and Guatemala during 9 months and I am launching on September first, I am a Costa Rican who is 18 years old and I declined on going to college even tho I had the third best score in the college admission exam on 2018 for my Highschool, I am making some t-shirts with the message “Seek discomfort and show the love as he did” and every single one is coming out from my salary. I don’t know if you are even gonna see this message, but I would really love to make my dream come true and apply all the knowledge I am gonna be getting to start a company in Costa Rica or an organization to help people in need like widows, orphans, elders, and families with low incomes. Also help some communities by making a dinning hall with free food for kids, homeless people and people in need overall. https://alfredovolio.theglobalu.org/ this is my blog and page if you want to go have a look. Thanks, and I love your videos guys, I wouldn’t have made this decision if you didn’t taught me how to get out of my comfort zone! Also here is my instagram where I posted the shirts, https://www.instagram.com/p/B9pNuPoHEKD/?igshid=wzg5m5azl1v8 #seekdiscomfort

  16. You could help with mental illness,Homeless shelters, and help me buy my girlfriend and engagement ring ($1000) 😂. No matter what you do with the money, I'm sure you'll put it to great use. Congrats guys!

  17. Hey guys I’m from Mount Juliet Tennessee a small town outside in Asheville and my city including Nashville and another city all got hit by an F4 tornado and the towns devastated there is mass destruction in all three cities and seeing our communities come to gather shows us why were nicknamed volunteer state maybe we could potential he do something with that I’d love to talk to y’all anytime about doing something and coming up with ideas I can take you around and show you around the city to a lot of the places that not a lot of people see I’ve been a fan of y’all for years and have watched every single video y’all put out i’m about to turn 20 and have always wanted to be in one of y’all’s videos either way if you’re interested comment back or I will email you all as well thank you for your time remember seek discomfort 😃

  18. I think you should donate it for supplies for the covid-19 people or help the huge homeless problem we have in the United States right now

  19. I think with $70,000 dollars you won you should go to a third world country and give out food,water, clothes.

  20. Not sure if this is a good idea…. but do some sort of outreach with what’s going on right now? For instance how the elderly I left alone at a vulnerable time maybe gathering a bunch of people and going door to door to see what they need … I’m down to do that to help out or maybe help out people by investing on a a foundation program I dunno

  21. Hello, I am Abhishek, Lots of Love From India, So as you guyz always talk about building community, i personally believes supporting community is huge part of the yes theory goals, i feel you should invest promoting your subscribers channels and work, and build a better community so that all people can grow and make a better place to live, just make a platform where people with mottos grow all together, coz together we win….

  22. You guys are phenomenal! Since i started watching you guys i havnt stopped! Subscribed after the first video. Keep up the great job and making amazing videos just like this one and all the rest! You guys bring such good vibes and positivity, its helped me a lot through my depression watching you guys and seeking discomfort. Really glad you guys post videos often. Really entertaining and worth a watch for everyone. Always recommend your channel to friends and coworkers. Maybe one day you'll be in Toronto, Ontario and i could participate somehow. Eith the 70,000 thinking maybe start your own kind of competition like hide and seek and get strangers to participate. Maybe make it an annual thing.
    Keep up the amazing job Yes Theory!

  23. Press the like button if u think yes theory goes out to places that have lack of health care and necessities and provide them to those lives

  24. Throw an insanely big party with at leas 150 stranger's you guys should rent a mansion then throw it there like the one video you guys did

    Like so yes theory sees this

  25. I believe that some of the money should be donated to helping bring food and water to assist the most victims of the corona virus in places like Wuhan, Macau and Hong Kong

  26. I wouldn’t use all of it but I just turned 16 and have been dreaming of buying a cheap bmw since I was like 10 soooo if u wanna slide me some cash

  27. I think you should create PUBG in real life, where people jump out of a plane with parachute and search for guns (airsofts in this case) in some area and last to survive wins.

  28. You guys have been doing amazing job and I just wanna say I appreciate it.💯
    I wish I could be a part of all this. Anyway guys just continue proving the world that there are still good people in here.
    Love from India ❤️🇮🇳!

  29. give 10k to cancer charity, 10k to kids hospital, 10k to sick kids(the hospital/website,) 10k to homeless, 10k to veterans, 10k for global health, and 10k for your choice. this is coming from a 11 year old kid, I love your channel, I am from Armenia and I am subscribed. 🙂

  30. **Idea for 70.000$** Corona virus is spreading, so my suggestion would be to add some more brightness to people lives. To pick someone, or even a group of people who stayed in a quarantine for a really long time. Maybe outside of their home city or even country. And have some fun with them. Make the biggest their wish come true. 🙂 Would be really fun to hear the story/stories and see someones dreams come true. Congrats on winning! 🙂

  31. I think you should use that money to make like a thousand indoor farming kits that people can perpetually grow food with and even their produce to their neighbors. The kits also should include mushrooms.

  32. Idea for 70k: the Yuma AZ Humane Society (HSOY). They are working toward a no-kill shelter by attaining a 90% catch-fix-release rate for stray cats. They spend about $300 per animal, and if unable to maintain adequate care, unfortunately many are still euthanized. Currently, they are operating at an 85.9% rate. They are always asking for donations of pet goods or just straight money. I served the last 6 years in Yuma in the Marine Corps, and have volunteered at HSOY a few times. They are SO CLOSE, and it would mean a lot if they were able to meet their goal so they can become a No-Kill county. https://www.hsoyuma.com/no-kill-yuma.html

  33. Fly me there and let me be a part of your team. Another member wouldnt be a problem right? Hahaha just dreaming




  35. You should make a video where you flight a bunch of strangers from all around the world (lots of different backgrounds) and do a crazy meet up with different challenges, games and fun stuff. Maybe even divide people into teams and do a game between them full of challenges and super random things to do.

  36. I know this isn’t remotely related to the video, but…

    To any random person reading this…

    Are you feeling down? Yes? No? Either way, I hope your day can get even better!

    Here are some wholesome facts to know:

    Sea otters hold hands while sleeping, so they don’t drift away.

    The voice actors of Mickey and Minnie got married IRL.

    When elephants see us, their brains have the same reaction as ours when we see puppies. Elephants think we’re cute.

    There is an island in Japan that you can visit, inhabited only by friendly bunnies.

    There, did that make you feel better? Now let me tell you more.

    If you feel like you are not accepted and you feel alone, you are not. There may be tons of others with the same pains as you, or even worse. Heck, maybe I could be one of them.. Anyway, to whoever is reading this, just remember. You only have one life. It’s precious. Put your hand to your chest, woah, do you feel that? A heartbeat. You have a purpose in this world. So go out and live your life.

    I am not asking this to be pinned, hearted, or even to be liked, but please, if you could, try to spread this message to others. This message could maybe one day save a life. =)

  37. We need mechanical ventilator in Lombardia (Italy) because of coronavirus. People are basically dieing because of this.
    Please contact me

  38. Yes Theory Camper/RV so you can go travelling America/Canada etc and meet the Yes Fam. 🙂 then come to Australia again for a trip hehe

  39. I think you should do something about the corona virus. And give me some of it for my study because of the corona virus i cant go to school and i won't make this year 🙁

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