Icc World Cup 2019 tickets price registration and buy

hi guys welcome to ICC World Cup 2019
England today I will show you hi can I register and buy a season ticket work up
to watch it is in England if anyone interested to buy ticket you
can contact with me if I go successful then I can sell it anyone any country
remember guys anyone can buy ticket easily but come to the UK is more
difficult if you are interested to come in the UK must be you need to fast a
ticket then you can apply for visit visa to come UK from any other country
outside countries such as Bangladesh India Pakistan they are selling ticket
by below system if got successful they’ll inform me by email
how and they’re taken my payment you must buy ticket before closing the
bailout I seen they have three of system one is for each start number to buy
ticket for boiler system and number three if go successful they will confirm
my email and then we’ll take a comment for 848 how our system and and then is
confound there I go to ticket so let’s go to my computer I’ll show you how to
restart and buy ticket and now I will be by 40k now I’m on the Google website
right here I see see you can see the top the
official website register title first name date of birth
I hide data but my personality reason I hide my personality so is a public video
so every team is Bangladesh so buddy revenue is a ball and then it’s got
continued put into all of informations there called javelin took the box go down you can see I am NOT a robot yes and then submit you can see thank you welcome the
official website register successful check your account active your account
welcome to the official ICC World Cup 2019 ticketing site the bellow system
now open until 29 August so go to my email address and active now fast you
can see in my form so activate is now this is the email that give now email
address yes so you are in please enter your details below to log in so I login
in the computer yes you can see it there I can log in is here now I am in login yes though you can see with the welcome
I see the World Cup 19 cut down cut out is the next the match is the all of
description is there if you can see the match team venue so my team is
Bangladesh and I can choose the banners of all oh no just to select the team and
then you can see all of inversions down you can see is the banaji
team this does select the match South African Bangladesh Sunday New Zealand
and Bangladesh witness there in then and Bangladesh Saturday one of
the salon carré be stalled Tuesday I live in West Indies in Bangladesh Monday Australia and one mother’s so off i if i
this first one to select the match he can choose plutonium 75-pound you can
see bronze adult she was a ticket selection so i’ll say that two ticket
now the bronze level i got a red basket news basket is ready this is the for good point increase your
chance to success 44 power and fifty pounds now he took our details so I hide
my personalities yes he’s ready I submit my card details now submit application
they’ve got this yes application confirmation so to them has
been received you have applied for the below ticket so take this one is a two
ticket while each is or 20 pounds or two ticket is forty pound and deliver it
just four pound fifty pounds and it’s sent by my address now login and I need
to wait for below so if I go success then I go darker ticket he’s my
confirmation so logout yes it’s done so guys thank you very much and watch my
video if you want buy ticket if I go success I can sell it so if you want you
can contact with me go inside my channel and check my email address I writing
here my contact details so thank you very much see you soon bye bye

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