Ice Painting Behind-the-Scenes Look | Chicago Blackhawks

(upbeat music) – Been on the job for 40 years. Started at the old Chicago Stadium 1980. And moved over here in ’94. Been here ever since. (upbeat music) Well I get the water down, I spray the whites lay the rink out, so they can start painting, and then I, once that’s all
done and I start painting. Most of the stuff out there that’s red, I paint most of the red stuff. If you have one thing a little off, it throws everything off. So it’s really getting the measurements right on everything. In 40 years, I’ve probably
painted over 1,000 rinks I bet, maybe even more. I don’t know. Some of the equipment’s
a little different. Got a different paint spraying system than we had at the old stadium, but other than that it’s
pretty much same process. I got interested in hockey in ’61, when I was a kid they
were kinda in there heyday back in the ’60s with Bobby
Hull and Stan Mikita, and all that. You know and they won their Cup, I was like a whole six
years old back then. But that’s what piqued
my interest in hockey. (upbeat music) You know I’m dedicated to it. Spent my whole life here almost. So, we try and get the best surface we can out here for the guys. (upbeat music)

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