ICEBERG Hockey Analytics

fractures used to be treated without
x-rays hockey used to be played without analytics just to clarify this is what
hockey looks like to regular people and this is what it looks like to ICEBERG
millions of data points describing the player’s position speed plays and
tactics at every point in the game but above all we understand hockey and we
know what to do with all this information for example we can look at
an opponent’s most used tactics measure passing efficiency find out how many seconds into a shift
our player starts losing his pace the best line to match up against the
opposing teams line where any given player tends to make most of his shots what types of shots a goalie tends to
allow more we can identify the weak spots and a team’s defense see whose
hits and body checks are most effective determine the best trading strategy and
any other information you might want and all this isn’t speculation its objective
information based on big data and statistics gathered from many games the
ICEBERG system is portable and quick to set up in any arena no additional
equipment required at the arena or on the players no operation required during
the game and all the data is instantaneously uploaded to a fully
secure Microsoft Azure cloud server sports are all about using every
possible opportunity to improve your team’s results miss out and you are number 2 stay first with ICEBERG

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