Ideas to boost junior cricket participation #AskAsh Episode 2

Hi, Welcome to the second episode of #AskAsh – today we’re going to be looking at how we can increase participation for
junior cricket so if you’re a club or a school that is looking to add extra
facilities for your juniors … please stay tuned and we’ll show you how. Flicx as a company are passionate about developing the sport and creating opportunities for
young kids to play more cricket more often. With the latest plans coming in
from the national governing bodies around the world to play the game on
shorter pitches with shorter boundaries, we believe that we have the
perfect option for you now. With regards to junior development there
are a couple of obstacles that are preventing kids coming through. Some of those are things like the amount of grounds that are available for
juniors to be playing cricket as well as the fact that at the moment a lot of
juniors are playing their cricket on full-length cricket pitches,
which means that they’re struggling to get the ball from one end of the pitch to
the other side ; a lot of these balls are not you know in a good position for the
batter’s to be striking the ball and because of this a lot of cricketers are
lost to the game. If you look down over here at the moment this is your
average type of setting that you might have, where you’ve got your first team wicket in the middle of the pitch and a lot of your juniors are having to play on the
wicket like this. The problem though is that this is Holy Grail and you know
you’re first team cricketers don’t like to share their pitch with the juniors
because of the traffic that they would then get on their pitch. One of the
solutions that we could now look at is by with the use of the 2G Flicx Cricket Pitch for the juniors, we can now half or triple or quadruple the space on
this field to create extra junior cricket facilities. So just to show you
for instance the new 2G Flicx Cricket pitch for juniors we could use this on
the outfield simply by cutting the grass short These pitches are thought to be about
14 meters if you if you if you listen to what the national governing bodies are
talking about at the moment and by having shorter boundaries within the
field of play you’re going to get a lot more fun in action with regards to lot
more sixes and fours been hit but because of the shorter pitch the bowlers
are able to hit their areas lot more consistently so especially your
spin bowlers that need to basically get a bit of revolutions on the ball bowling
on the shorter pitch allows them to basically increase their skills and
allowing the ball to be in a bowled in an area that’s going to be conducive
to better cricket. So if you look at the field setting at the moment if you had a
club that had access to one field you could now cut the grass short roll out
the new 2G Flicx cricket pitch out in the outfield and create an
additional junior facility for that club As you grow the game however you might
be in a position where you have more junior sides that are playing the game
by getting a second pitch you can now sort of half your big oval creating a
sort of festival type of atmosphere on the outfield creating two facilities on
one pitch making optimum use of the ground so having a look at the situation
in year two as you grow and expand you can now cater for two junior development
sides on one facility and as the game grows and develops further from there
you can then even triple or quadruple your facilities so this new 2G Junior Flicx
cricket pitch 14 meters in length is easy to use; portable roll cricket
wicket that allows you to convert the outfield of an existing field
be it your first team oval into four junior match facilities. As you can see
these boundaries are slightly shorter between 30 and 40 metres in diameter
and this allows for more sort of action shots being played by the batsman and
because the wickets are shorter 14 metres and also means that the bowlers
are going to be hitting those areas allowing the batsman to play more shots
and this is all to sort of retain the cricketers and not lose them to other
sports making it a lot more fun a lot more interactive and just making it
possible to play more cricket, more often So some of the really key benefits for
schools and clubs that are looking to optimize their ground utilization using
this new junior participation pitch would be the fact that they are very
easy to use; portable roll out cricket wickets that could be used by all. So
all that’s really needed is the outfield needs to be cut short and the
cricket pitch rolled out into place what the pitch does is it basically negates
any sort of unevenness underneath the underneath the surface to give you a
better playing surface for the kids to be playing on. The fact that they come in
to multiple colours means that you now have a pitch that’s available in bright blue, green as well as beige what we found is that the bright colors creates
a magnet’s almost like a honeypot for the kids where they want to come and
look and see what’s happening on the field. The final benefit to the club is
the fact that you can now sort of grow your base you can add new new teams to
your existing squads, you can introduce girls cricket, ladies cricket … you might
even get mums and dads wanting to participate and play cricket with their
kids. The fact that from an income point of view you’ve got more kids, more
parents staying to watch, you have the option of opening the canteen or having
the bar available on these evenings to create extra revenue. So with clubs and schools that are looking to invest in a system like this,
the clubs would then have access to approach the local schools within the
area and set up some sort of festival of cricket invite them down for the day,
introduce new cricketers to the game of cricket and getting them all to play
under one big facility. The 14 meter 2G Flicx pitch allows that to take place
but it also allows clubs to engage with potentially new cricketers to then
growth the base and then potentially grow the amount of kids that are
participating in the sport of cricket at the moment around around the world there
are many countries that have sort of introductory processes in place where
kids can be introduced to the game of cricket playing various forms of
softball cricket this is the next stage with regards to
the pathways progression where you can then cherry pick some of the kids that
have really expressed a keen interest in the sport and you can then put them in
the formal sort of atmosphere playing on the 14 metre cricket pitch to hone and develop their skills. If there is any way that we could assist your club with regards to any of your cricketing needs please feel free to get in touch with us
website is as well as all the standard social media channels
feel free to get in touch. Thank-you you

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