IE Faculty-Staff-Student Volleyball Tournament Spring 2019

So today we’re at the annual faculty and
student volleyball tournament for industrial engineering. It’s hosted by
the IDEAL Learning Community, Alpha Pi Mu and IISC. Everyone has a really great
time hanging out and coming to play volleyball. Some people get really
competitive and it’s a really good time. It’s advertised to everyone in
industrial engineering so the IDEAL peer mentors advertise it mostly through
Engineering 101 classes slash IE 101 classes and it’s sent out through the
department. We try to get everyone involved. Anyone’s welcome undergrad,
graduate, faculty. I played on that IISC cabinet team so it was the people on the
cabinet who played. I was the only one who’s played volleyball before but we
made it all the way to second place so it was close and the other team was
pretty good but we had a really good time. It gives us a break from studying
and focusing on school and we get to have fun with our peers who were studying
with all the time.

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