Ilaripro maajoukkueeseen

Why I’m not playing for the Finland’s national football team? I get a lot of those questions in the comments, and today I’ll answer you. So yeah, I often get asked why I don’t play in some league or for the national team. The best one’s are “Go to Real Madrid” or “Go to the national team”. Only if it was that easy. If I could just call Zidane and tell him I have nice crossbar hits on YouTube. The next day he’d get back to me and tell me to come to Madrid next week. I’ll try to hit the crossbar from here. Maybe my phone starts ringing after that. You never know. Okay. Now I’ll just wait. Zidane hasn’t replied yet. I take those comments with humor and I guess most of them are only jokes but I think the youngest followers might think that I’m actually a great player in matches. I get it, because I mostly show you some of the best clips from my sessions. I was about 7 years old when I started playing. It became a passions for me in very short time. I sucked when I started playing. I went straight to a match and playing terribly. Something happened and after that I was kicking a ball every day. Since that I’ve admired the professional players and they’re still big idols for me. My dream was to become a professional player. No one’s ever become a professional athlete just by dreaming about it. I takes a crazy amount of work, succeeding at the right moments and so much more. That’s why so few people actually make it. Becoming a footballer might be one of the hardest things. The highest league I played in was the U20 national league in Finland. I could say that I was an average player. I had my strengths. I’ve kicked a ball so much that I’m good at it, and my touch has always been on a good level. I was good at controlling the ball with my feet. The facts is that not everyone can make it pro. For me it wasn’t because of bad luck or something. I just wasn’t good enough. I was about 18 years old when I stopped playing in a team. It’s been 3-4 years now. I think that’s the age when many people stop playing even if they’re good players. Maybe you start to think what you want to do in life. These big questions. Back then I had been making videos for many years already. I decided to use the time I played in a team to make videos. I can tell you that if I was told what I would be going to experience in the next years, I wouldn’t have believed. I’ve had a chance to film with footballers. That’s why I make those videos, because I never became a pro footballer. They can tell what it’s like to be one. I’ve been thinking about making some podcast -like videos with footballers. These real footballers can tell about their life as an athlete what happens behind the scenes. Things we don’t know about. Tell me if you’d like to see videos like that. I’m very interested in making them. I try to tell young people to chase their dreams. I sure many of you dream about making it pro. Don’t give up easily. I had my own thing and that’s why I stopped playing. It’s been a passion for me since I started making them in 2011. Luckily I haven’t regretted the decision to stop playing in a team. That was the right decision for me. Nowadays I just love practicing new skills. In the past I though I had to come up with all the ideas and inspirations by myself. Just make everything by myself. Me me me. That’s stupid, because the fact is everyone takes inspiration from something all the time. I saw Ronaldo playing and I wanted to learn his dribbling skills. If I want to get inspired, I go to YouTube or Instagram. I watch what other people do and get inspired. I don’t like to copy someone else’s style of doing tricks for example. It’s always good to learn form other people and get inspiration. The best thing about doing these skills is that your imagination is the only limit. Nobody can tell you you’re doing your own thing wrong. The coolest thing is to create your own style. I’d be very interested in making those kind of chatting videos with footballers. Maybe with people who work behind them. Player agents for example. Give me suggestions in the comments. I think those videos would be interesting. All the best to the other side of the screen. If you enjoyed, hit the like button and leave a comment below. See you in the next video, bye!

92 thoughts on “Ilaripro maajoukkueeseen

  1. Helvetin hyvä idea tehdä podcastia ammattilaisten jalkapalloilijoiden kanssa. Tämän kaltaista ei olla ennen nähty oikeastaan.

  2. Monet nuoret haaveilee nähdä livenä ilarin ja ilari varmaankin haaveilee nähdä jonkun kuuluisan jalistin esimerkiksi Rollen, mutta mitä Rolle haaveilee?? 🤔😂

  3. Jos olisi mahdollista, niin olisi kiva nähdä video jossa jokin hyvä suomalainen futari kertoo miten aikanaan on pärjännyt ja päässyt suomen u-15, u-16 jne joukkueihin ja sieltä itse maajoukkueeseen.

  4. Ajattelin tossa mennä Pukin kanssa pelailemaan ehkä sen jälkeen meen Rollen ja Messin kaa potkii. Kattoo meenkö barcaan tai juveen pelaa. Ehkä meen huomen tai ens vuon jos jaksaa.

  5. Mun sisko on 15 ja muuttaa ehkä ens kesänä johki urheilulukioo missä pääsee saavuttaa sen unelmaa eli pelaa jalkapalloo

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