Imogen Heap, Hide And Seek (live), San Francisco, CA, June 8, 2019 (HD)

I have made a record in the last I don’t know, two years? And it’s the soundtrack to a play called Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. Which I must say has literally changed my life in such an enormously and amazing way. And just, never in a million years… I just…I’m just so lucky. I’m so lucky. And I think it’s coming to San Francisco, isn’t it? Soon? You must go see it. It’s really good. So anyway, this is this song I’m going to sing. This song has been with me in so many different in so many different guises, and other people covering it, and other people doing all kinds of things with it. Including Jason Derulo. I actually liked that version. I know that there’s a kind of awkward moment for my fans like “what has she done now?” You know, I get so many remixes of that song in particular. Like everything ranging from kazoo harmony to marching band to some guy sending in like a massively crazy bass solo over the top of it Totally convinced that that was going to be the version that was going to be a hit. Not sure I agree with you. Anyway, so it’s in this play and it’s the only time in the whole play where you hear any lyrics. ‘Cause it’s all instrumental. And I don’t actually sing it. Well, I sing a bit of it. Our friend, Anil Kamalagharan Guy’s friend and my friend He’s on Stet as well He’s another vocalist on there. And, anyway, so it’s his choir that’s in the background. But I haven’t got him so I’m going to do my best to do like a version that’s a kinda Harry Potter version mixed with the original version And I really love singing it ’cause I do it entirely with the gloves and I just kinda get lost in this world of sound. And I really would love, actually, one day for us to do a concert where you’re all wearing headphones. Because it’s so amazing in here like, to get it all close I know…Petra’s doing an amazing job, by the way Petra’s our sound engineer. Woo! I know Petra would be into it. She’d definitely be into it. So, anyway, so I’m going to “leave” you with this song. Nice cup of tea.

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