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Here we go. It’s never too early
to get ready for college. You remember that.
Just have to remember. You can do anything you want,
anything you want. Except for
that silly dream she has about being
a baseball player. [ Laughter ] Some dreams are realistic,
some are not, though. if I’m gonna be honest with you,
this just in… That silly dream you have
about being a baseball player, that’s not
gonna happen. You know, you should set your —
more accordingly. Her eyes
are flickering. But I really want to be
a baseball player. No. [ Laughter ] Oh! I mean, trust me,
it’s the way society is. I mean,
you could ask anybody. You can ask me. Murr: Oh! She’s weighing in! Can you tell her she couldn’t be a baseball
player if she wanted to be? Oh, that’s not
necessarily true. I mean,
you can pick up anything, I think, anytime
at any age and any gender. You know, you should pick up
basketball, you do the WNBA. “Foxy boxing.” [ Laughter ] Foxy boxing’s
another opportunity. [ Laughter ] I just wish there was
more opportunities for somebody who’s athletically inclined
like women, you know? Well, that’s changing,
and hopefully, it’s going to be changing
for the better, where everyone gets a fair
opportunity for everything. “Sure, you could be president
of, like, a lingerie company.” You could even
be president one day. ♪♪ Of a lingerie company. [ Laughter ] I’m sure if you like it enough
and you work hard at it, you’re passionate enough,
you can achieve almost anything. You see,
this is a smart lady. She clearly did not think
my life lesson was correct. [ Laughter ] Sal:
Oh, my God.

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes – Crush the Baseball Player Dreams | truTV

  1. 0:56
    "You should really keep it a secret when daddy talks to ladies other than mommy in the park."

  2. If you guys have a minute a listen would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  3. Why do you not have an extra or special or exclusive or whatever showing people finding out they're on IJ?!
    I just don't get it

  4. we should be lucky that she's allowing us to live like this, had she not then we'd probably be lying at her feet licking and eating the dust of her soles and begging for her foot washed water.

  5. I can't believe people in the comments still don't know to this day that's this is an inside jokes clip. That's why it's not new. It says Inside jokes on the thumbnail for crying out loud

  6. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, unless it’s me, then you listen” LOL

  7. That woman is the perfect example of an Feminist. Try to get involved in anything even in a father talking to his kid and must say „any gender“ even if joe never said that she can’t be because she is a girl…..

  8. To be fair, it’s kind of better to not let a kid get too far into an impossible dream. Softball is different. She could be the best softball player ever. I’m not doubting the ability, but has a female ever played college baseball or Triple A baseball or Double A baseball or even single A baseball?

  9. How many women do you know that can throw 95 mph? women cannot play professional baseball against other men. The sexes are biologically different, all for equal opportunity but lets be real cmon…

  10. wait so that's wrong? cause my teacher told us to state some goals of our life and not have a goal being a rapper cause "lets be real, that aint happening".. should he get fired

  11. As silly as what Joe is saying, he's right. There's not really a market for female baseball. And a lot of being an athlete is having the right body for it. some people naturally have more athletic bodies and others have to work for it. This whole "you can do whatever you want" is stupid

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