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Joe’s our big loser. So we brought him to Citi Field,
home of the New York Mets. That’s right. And we got
our friend to help us out — Mets ace Noah Syndergaard. Noah, do you think you could
sign a couple balls for us? -Yeah, no problem.
-All right. Okay, and then you’re gonna
take those autographed balls, you’re gonna throw them into the stands for fans, except, Joe, you are
gonna intercept them and steal everyone’s autographs. It’s gonna be great. New York sports fans are known
for their calm demeanor. -You’re gonna be fine.
-You’re gonna die. Joe: Yeah, I know. [ Laughter ] Sal: Okay, so here we go.
It’s right before game time. Noah’s out there
signing autographs for fans like he does. Little kids dream of this. I mean, this is
the star pitcher, right? That’s right.
Noah is the main man. He’s gonna give signed balls
to all these fans eventually. Just…not right now. -There he is.
-There he is. Super fan Joe Gatto.
There he is. Avid collector. Joe: Noah’s down there.
Oh, there he is. Joe is playing the role
of fanatic today. -Look at the satchel. -Joe, I got to be honest. You’re not
the headband type. [ Laughter ] All right, Joe,
your goal is to steal as many balls as Noah
throws to the fans. -Joe, this kid right there.
-Look at that little kid. -With the hat on.
-He has his glove. -He’s waiting for Noah.
-There we go. [ Laughter ] -Here we go. Here we go! -Here we go. Sir, the ball is
intended for the boy. [ Laughter ] Sal: The kid is dumbfounded.
He’s like, “That was literally gonna be
the best day of my life.” Murr: Joe, he still
wants a ball. He sti [ Laughter ] It’s not for the guy
with the headband. It’s for the kids. -Oh!
-Ohh! Gotta be quicker. [ Laughter ] Murr: You’re the biggest
jerk in the world. Next time you call him, go “Jeter!” Murr: You’re the biggest
jerk in the world. [ Laughter ] All right, Joe. Move along. I’m sorry. Did you want
to get her a ball? Yeah, yeah, come here.
I know him. Yeah. Just pretend
you’re my daughter. Thor, one for my little girl! Great. Great. Uh, it was for the
little girl. Thanks. Murr: Oh, Joe got it.
Joe got it. -There you go.
-Joe, run. Get out of there. See, look, it’s signed
to him and everything. Thank you. Q: Look at this guy.
Look at this guy. That’s nine.
I got another one. I gave — No,
I gave it to the guy. Murr:
Oh, the mother’s chasing Joe. -Guys, you can get it on eBay.
-The mother’s chasing you. -Oh, no.
-What happened? You cannot do that! Give me the ball! That’s wrong! This one? Stop! That is wrong! What do we do here, fellas? Talk about eBay.
Talk about eBay. -You can get it on eBay. -How dare you! “Look, I’m as big
a Jeter fan as anyone.” I’m as big
a Jeter fan as any. Woman: You apologize! I am 1,000% sorry. “So sorry I didn’t get
that ball” and walk away. Sal: “So sorry
I didn’t get the ball.” “I’m so sorry
I didn’t get that ball.” I’m so sorry I didn’t get that ball. [ Laughter ] Oh, my God! Get out of there before
she kills you, Joe. All right, guys, so,
I think I got enough balls.

100 thoughts on “Impractical Jokers – The Worst Baseball Fanatic Ever (Punishment) | truTV

  1. Out of all four jokers, Joe has the least shame, probably because Joe sounds like joke. However, even this punishment got to him.

  2. We all learned a lesson here:

    Joe learned the best way to get stuff is with children.

    Woman learned not to hand her child to random strangers.

  3. Oh dear Lord. I hope the crew apologised dearly for that. I understand it was for the show but… Consider this
    In real life that's a BIG JERK thing to do

  4. I bet when they have to tell that lady that it was all just a prank, she must've yelled at them all saying, "You are all monsters if you think this is funny!!!"

  5. Lady, "STOP!, THAT IS WRONG!!!👶😢 … grabs ball…

    Joe, "Whatta we do here fellas"??? …😖…

    Q, "Talk about Ebay, Talk about Ebay"… 😂…
    Joe, "I am so sorry"!!…
    Q, "So sorry I didn't get that ball"!!!…😂 and walk away….!!!

  6. I hate when people get that upset. Definitely cringy but involving someone's kid like that is probably not a great idea.

  7. Of course some single mom has to take it a step further. Angry and demanding after she already has the ball, after handing her child to a stranger to get it.

  8. That was getting dangerous lol don’t screw with a protective mother. Uhh I mean a protective mother that hands her kid to a stranger 😂

  9. Give the mom a break. If it was a dad, he would’ve probably gotten physical. You can’t use someone else’s kid like that and not piss off someone

  10. She didn’t overreact, he used her kid to get a ball. I would have acted the same no one fucks with my kid. The reason they blurred her face was because she was still angry when they said it was for a tv show.

  11. So, besides the point I guess, but my boss went to a Mets game as he is a huge fan. At this game Noah refuses to sign any autographs… like my boss and his kids are huge fans and he didn’t want to sign anything. I lost a lot of respect for him because of that.

  12. I used to go to lots of baseball games as a kid , I was so upset when older guys would do this to my cause I’m a huge baseball fan.

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