Improve Pitching Accuracy : Baseball Chair Drill

Speaker 1: You ever done chair drill?
Speaker 2: Nope. Speaker 1: This drill actually simulates the
zone, making you reach deep so you feel that strength in your back leg. What you’re going
to do is your foot’s going to be up. As you finish your foot stays on, but rotates to
where the top of your foot is on the chair. Same position; you’re right here, you want
to pull through. Everything stays the same, still on the balls of our feet, but when we
finish this leg is still strong it’s not collapsed. We’re still nice and strong and knees flexed,
foot is down, and reaching over my front foot, head’s still on the target.
Now if you want you can put your foot flat against it and that way you can push just
a little bit off the chair. Not bad, pretty good. Just remember to keep that chest up
when you start to pull. See how you’re reaching over that front foot now? That’s what’s going
to give you… You know how they talk about flat fast balls, when balls down angled? A
lot of times when we get flat it’s because we’re not finishing when that ball comes out
of our hand. It might be hard, but it’s flat and one of the easiest balls to hit. I don’t
care if you throw 98, flat fast balls you can hit a long ways.
Speaker 2: I don’t know. I throw fast and hard right handed. I throw pretty fast though.
Speaker 1: There’s no angle to them. It’s very easy for them just to get there. Guys
that throw, even if they’re throwing hard [inaudible 0:02:25] and they’re throwing gas,
you can throw just as hard on down angle as you can flat, but it’s all because of the
reach they get off the end. Then all of a sudden a breaking ball, change-up, [inaudible
00:02:39] all of a sudden becomes a lot more wider as you come…
Speaker 2: I think sometimes on accident I’ve done it. My ball will just jump.
Speaker 1: Yeah. Speaker 2: It’s not as much as that as 100.
I think this is what will get me. Speaker 1: Yeah, this is going to get you.
Nice. Oh I got it. Okay, most people probably find a lefty throws harder, who cares.
Speaker 2: They just let me throw. Speaker 1: All right. Good. Time out. Keep
that same angle, but instead of being here relax a little bit. What happens is when we
get up here especially when we start getting our stride and we get like this, we’ll lose
velocity. Now all of a sudden we start to pull, start to get in there, push and then
it’s flat. If we stay here now we pull, now we get arm action. The farther we get here…
Especially if we get up here. Too early to get in trouble. You want to stay somewhere…
We can have the arm up. I don’t want to see the arm completely straight. Good. Give me
more of those. One more. That time, you just… When you
pulled, you just led with the chest. Speaker 2: When you said pull at first I try

21 thoughts on “Improve Pitching Accuracy : Baseball Chair Drill

  1. What drills are you doing now to work on your mechanics for glove hand, stride length, body position?
    Also work on throwing to spots. i.e set targets in different areas. have your catcher move the target around frequently so it is never in the same spot two pitches in a row. you can also throw to a net or something at set up spots. do not slow down your mechanics and aim. you can throw 3/4 speed but try to go through your natural motion.

  2. cool drill, you don't point it out but for anyone who wants to try this drill I would like to highlight the support he is giving the guy on the chair. If the chair is not sturdy or you kick it out and you are in a rotating motion on your other leg you can definitely hurt your ACL!

  3. Yes, this is extremely important. When performing this drill make sure to have someone stabilizing the chair to avoid it from moving. Thank you for pointing this out!

  4. yes. this will help with your hip strength and hip stability which also helps with velocity and accuracy.

  5. Yes, you want to have the same distance between you and the target that you would have between the pitchers mound and home plate.

  6. This is a great drill.  It really helped my son.  Any chance that you could post a video of this from the side also?  thanks.

  7. I've been a first baseman for years but I've also gained a lot of speed and will more than likely be playing outfeild, do you have any drills on mechanics? (Turning and running back on a ball over your head)

  8. Why would you practice throwing a baseball on one leg?   
    You have one foot in the air in this drill, but when you actually pitch a baseball at release point your back foot is still on the ground ! 
    Wouldn't this teach kids bad muscle memory to bring their leg up before release which would cause lots of problems like no power to name one.
    I just would assume you want to train your body actual stuff you do in games.

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