In 3 Std von Detmold nach Münster | 100+ KM Streckenflug | XC Paragliding VLOG

In front of me is a buzzard. He climbs well past me.I’ll follow him! He must know where the core is! Thanks Buzzard! Ha Ha so freaking cool!
Beautiful good morning Today for two You may have already seen Olli at one point or another “Olli is calling” (from an older video)
just the guy who always calls when I wear two pairs of gloves and have no chance to answer the call!
Today we are back on a small hill The thermals are unfortunately only as low announced
but still better you try on a bad day than you are on the ground
Maybe we will go XC. At least we want to try it. Maybe both of us.
Because it is always more fun And you also have more options. Two people who can search when you are getting low. Now we get ready. And hopefully we’ll see each other in the air again soon! Of course! See you soon
Some of these ligaments are as thin as flossing. That they endure so much is really a miracle Chasecam hangs well in it. She also suffered pretty hard! And there I’ve already catched the camera! That sucks! So there’s a lot of movement up there in the trees. I think that will work! I will wait for the next thermal separation, and than I go for it! Yes, there comes something Come on! What a wind shear! Heavy turbulences But it looks pretty good! The wind blows quite strong up the hill! Should go easy. But the wind comes pretty strong from the side. It was predicted from the east but here it comes more from the southeast! Yes here is something! Yes, here it goes Here is the thermal! That’s awesome. That goes right up right here! That just started perfectly. I hope that olli gets up in the air quickly! Are you kidding me? That is not low thermal acivity! that was 4 m/s Up there you can see the lenticular clouds, its a sign that we have a lot of wind today! Belwo me there is a Buzzard going up on the exact same spot on wich I got up Olli is still at the takeoff I hope that he will manage to start quickly But he is pretty good in centering the thermal! I am sure that he will catch up quickly ones he is up in the air! We have the problem, that we are flying during the week Because on the way we want to fly, there is an airport and also a military zone in the “senne” During the week, the region of the military zone have switched to larger areas And we cant go trough this ED-R zone Ok, Olli just took off but he is still in the area of the takeoff Still looks good! He just has to go in front of the forest I’m already closing the layers It is getting could up here The east wind brings cold air. That’s why it’s often so thermally Oh no, I think Olli failed the start attempt I have to send Olli a message Olli, try to start againg and just go infront of the forest The wind is much more southerly than you can feel it at the takeoff In front of the forest it is much easier to go up! I am now at an altitude of 730m, but I screwed it up a bit because I closed my jacket and called olli Yes there is the termal again I barely go forward, but as long as I get up I’m fine with that. I do not want to go forward anyway Olli starts againg! If he now manages to go in front the forest, then he has done it! Olli made it! Cool Olli! I hope to see you soon up here! Anni is calling, my girlfriend! Hi Anni! Hello Marlon! I will turn off the sound of the vario You’re doing good or what? Yes, I am just 650m above sea level. Even in the meantime I was at 800m. We are still on the start slope. We just started… Yes! And we’ll probably go XC when we manage to get even higher! Yes, that sounds great! Is it very windy? Sorry? Is it very windy? It is blowing pretty strong! I even fly with the Enzo 3 sometimes only 4km / h Boah… That would be nothing for you! No Yes, then I wish you much success! I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Thank you my sweetheart! See you later! Let me hear from you! I love you! Love you too! Bye! Bye! Calling is nice but to be honest, we men are not very good at doing several things at the same time When I am on the phone, and focus on the camera and the fly also, then I’m totally overwhelmed! Oh, that was turbolent. I got a little collapse. Yes, now I am in the core! Awesome thermal! Highest point of the day until now. 830m above sea level and I am climbing even higher with an average climbrate of 2,5 m/s. Yes, yes, yes Awesome! Ohh man, this cant be described so well on video but the air just feels great, when you feel that the wind is blowing right into your glider and you can feel the break presure and you are climbing higher and higher! I am nearly at 1000m above sea level. What a luxury. Lets see how high we can climb I studied the weather apps again this morning and yesterday I like to use the forecast from “” I also like to use the app “meteo parapente” and “windy” and of course the local weather stations like “meteomedia” And… like everyone else, I choose the data that best suits my needs: D The base was announced with about 1500m during the day. I am now at an altitude of 1130m Oh no. Olli lost the thermal and sank quite low. Again the extra circle but I go XC now. Exactly that was the decision to fly away from now on there is no way back. Lets push the speedbar! I am very sorry Olli, but I had to leave you behind. I tried to wait for Olli a few times and I came down to you again. And than we both had a good thermal and I thought we would both climb well! But he lost it and I was able to climb on pretty good and I drifted quite hard with the wind. I had to use that. I hope we see each other later in the air. That would be a dream Yes and here it goes again That is unbelievable…that was 5,5m/s for a moment. Of course I take it! 3m/s in average Yes yes german weather service, low thermal activity!? Are you kidding!
Do not listen too often to the apps so at least do not let bad thermics keep you from using the day
The alternative to sit at home now or to stand on the construction site, I do not want to swap 1325m And it goes on and on. And the stupid radio device too I dont knwo what is wrong with it?! That was clear that I fall out. 1410m Lets see if I can manage to get even higher I’m sorry olli I do not know what’s with the radio but that’s really annoying I turn it off 1450m would have thought that it climbs only at 15 or 16 o’clock so high But now?! The most beautiful start since the last XC flights So quickly and smoothly from the start Exactly 1500m, sounds good to me! 72 km/h without speedbar…that is ridiculous. Ok then we go full on! 85 Km/h I have to move the direction a bit already, so that I can pass the restricted area I do not want that to be too close. I do not know if the other video is online. But last time I did a XC flight in this area, I got myself into such a stupid situation. I dont want that to happen again. Down there I can see the “herrmanns” monument Still far away but that is pretty much my flight direction I am only at 800m I am now on a nice height here at the monument I hope I can finde something there. The monument is on a nice hill pretty much exacty on the edge of the ED-R zone It is helpful if you notice such points. Then you can navigate better without having to stick to the screen all the time… “stick” by the way…I got something sticky on my mouth It is time that I find something. There is only forest area The flags here at the monument are blowing weakly Unbelievable when you see your shadow racing through the forest. How fast you actually are. Fu%/!…only 650m! And I dont find anything! And I already have to adjust my route so I do not end up in the forest,
if I dont find any thermals. That does not feel good at all! There I can see the university where I teach yoga classes in Detmold Ohh! Something beeps here Yes, yes, yes come on…I really need you! Yes, your welcome! What a relief Very pleasant traveling and flying today I should rather shut up Push the speedbar! Lets go! There is a sailplane in front. I think I’ll go there. He climbs well there Here it is turbolent The chasecam nearly catched up Yes, here it is going up again And here is also better lift Over there is a second sailplane I got better lift, I catched up! That’s the disadvantage of sailing. They have to fly larger circles and if the thermals are very tight, they can often only use the edge areas of the thermics A paraglider on the other hand, can place himself in the center of the thermal Nice day Two sailplanes wich circle there together But I stay here. I got 2,3m/s average climbrate I am quite satisfied with that Three sailplanes…whats going on there I do not want to get into it when it’s too crowded, you focus too much on the others rather than on the thermals Absolutely turbolent right now! I climb better than the three gliders There is even a fourth glider…are you kidding me!? That was a four-meter climb rate for a few seconds What a nice flight.
It has worked very well so far Due to the high wind speeds, I already covered several kilometers during this hour Announced was east wind but it is a lot south with it My flight route makes it very difficult for me to fly home I have to decide now if I want to fly far today and just north or nothwest or I’m heading south but in the wind I think… I leave the decision to chance The gliders fly away, they do not have any more to climb I am now at 1350m but almost no lift Now I fly straight again Olli is clling I messed it up Ok then it is just like that Try againg, the day is still young I ended up far away! Oh no!
it was so shitty in the air Shit! no idea, drive back as a hitchhiker Yes there is something Thats the way I like it!
To find thermals at over 1000m That could be a longer flight today So far it is going very well During the last circles always pay attention to the vario whether you actually still climb or if you only turn on the spot or even sink That’s it without the shitty extra circle Or maybe not Oh no! Maybe I had to make the unnecessary extra circle It’s going down a lot here. There must be something here. I sink with 3 m / s on average There must be something…I hope I hit it That’s always the risk that you fly past it and only take the sink It must be here I still go down…fu%?! It goes down strong It could be that I flew past something good now That does not look good right now. I also do not see any areas that could be successful Maybe a little to my left I adjust the route a bit down there are a few brown fields next to each other and on one is even a tractor But just because the textbook says that this is a good thermal source, does not mean that it will work Yes, here could be something … it feels a bit like this. Yes, a slight beeping That would be great now That would save me the question is where to go … further to the right with the wind or in the wind That can decide everything now. I let myself drift with the wind Come on! Ahh… here is something but it is mixed A climbing bird would be graet now I have the feeling that it pulls me in a certain direction Yes that could be something And once again a chance to climb up and bring the whole thing a bit further
The textbook joker worked out. I’m now exactly over the field, in direction with the wind where the farmer is plowing And it is also really dry. You can see the smoke trail from the farmer I think that´s it There comes something again Very nice I should say more often “I think that’s it!” Like a magic spell It brings me right back into the thermal. I should start thinking about how far it can go today If I can fulfill my obligations this evening It just goes up. That is a self-runner It’s just beautiful up here You really can not imagine what that feels like to be here in this situation. For all those who are thinking about paragliding, give it a try! Take a tandem flight or go to the flight school If you are serious about it… You cant explain in words how much fun that is! It is the feeling of freedom on the highest level Awesome! And the thermal is sucking me up like crazy right here! Thats crazy! That is temporarily 4m / s I am back again at 1400m
1500m was the highest point today. Let’s see if we can manage to get even higher. The thermal is still good! 1460m There is a little more Like some bubbles that rise a little bit higher…1470m, I think thats it! Putting on gloves costs about 100m I have to say these are pretty good gloves! It is a mix between mitten and seperated gloves. So I can still grab the handle on the back riser of the Enzo! And I can wear them pretty easy ablove other gloves And they also have a very good insulation effect Yes there is something Of course I don’t say no to it! On a day the base isn’t very high, I take everything I get! Especially when it is good! And this is pretty good right now. 3m/s in averge! My vario will give up soon The battery is nearly empty.
That is pretty annoying. That could be “Güterlsloh” down there It is really going very well! Lets see how far we can fly today. I do not want to dream of the 100km yet. But it does not look so unrealistic There is something againg… Jap Lets see if we can get it! That´s fun! To stumble into the next thermal, before getting under pressure, is quite comfortable My last flights were so hard work, because I got pretty low everytime and I was really scratching around. That was much more exhausting. If you can fly so easily the whole time, it is much more effective The thermals are a bit weaker now. I think that was also announced, that direction “Münsterland” the thermals are weakening I also saw the single cumulus clouds more in the east But I am still climbing 1,5 m/s in average yes And it seems that the core is even stronger Where did I fall out now? That’s not possible There we go again I am flying for i little bit more than 2 hours now. And I am at 66XC km. Lets see how far I can go?! But it does not fell like I can go much further The working altitude gets lower and lower I am pretty low againg, only 570m above sea level Let’s see if I can find something again or if it is slowly coming to the end!? It beeps a little It beeps well YES! I can only say it again “German weather service”: low thermal??? For that it went very well today! At times more than 3 m/s in average I’m flying over a quarry here and it smells of limestone or sulfur No idea. Stinks a little I hope there is a little lift for me There is something I can’t got in this direction There comes a transpondermandatory zone I would really like to shoot for the 100km today Here it goes up again I am already at 77km the last 23 are still missing I’m getting closer and closer to TMZ Only a little, I am drifting sideways. Oh, there are some geese flying by in front. No, cormorants Yah boy´s I am climbing. I am climbing past them So the wind pushes me slowly sideways to the TMZ I’ll see how far I can take the thermal. I still have 400m distance But it is continuously decreasing What a great thermal! Awesome Insane, that was 3m/s in average again Only 270m away from the TMZ
But I’m back at 1100m. I can imagine that I can climbout this thermal almost completely. 21km then I would have made the 100km I just managed to get up relatively well The next 10 km are almost safe But I hope I can got even a little fruther I am now a little more than two and a half hours in the air, I’m already at 85 km, that looks damn good! I’m still at an altitude of almost 1000m and only have 15km left to glide That is almost realistic with backwind! Ohhh … always this battery info! I’m always scared when it beeps like that and I think, shit, which airspace I did not see I also have to say, although this is going so well, I would very much like to have flown together with olli I would have preferred to crack the 100km together with olli It would have been even better with Anni, my girlfriend! She is also a pilot. But for this strong wind today, her paraglider is just too slow. She is flying the “Ozone Rush 3” She needs something a little faster I am now at 92km I’m just climbing up again! I’m already at an altitude of 1000m. I am pretty sure, that if I can make it to the top, I will get the last 8km! And I was close to not flying today. Ohhh… Of course I would not have known what I would have missed but, may goodness, I’m glad I flew! Just in time. Just written a message at whatsapp Just finished when I stumbled into the next thermal again I am so sorry because I have a yoga class this evening. But I have canceled it now I flew so far direction dortmund I do not know if someone can pick me up and I do not know how long the flight will be And to be honest, I’m at 99km right now, I… will continue the flight! I think that coud be “Münster” over there Pretty awesome 101km, yes I cracked the magic 100km mark and I’m still over 1000m! Unbeliveably woohoo!!! Awesome! Is that wonderful! It took me about 3 hours to fly 100km In front of me is a buzzard. He climbs well past me. I’ll follow him! He must know where the core is! Thanks buzzard! Haha, so freaking cool! Oh no the vario ran out of power! That is just unreal! Come on! Please beep for me! Fu%&! The vario switched off But I am still climbing good. I can still see it on the XC Track app! Maybe I can mangage to adjust XC Track during the next glide, to beep for me. Also very nice to enjoy the silince… No, not really! I think every paraglider pilot knows, that the beeping of the vario, is like music in the ears At least when you go up Yes! Perfect! Pretty annoying sound, but for the moment it’s okay! Ohhh … always those moments when you think you drop something Now I first charge my phone Fumbled enough! Now it is time to fly properly! That was probably it now I am now flying over a ship canal. But I know too little here to be able to say what a canal that is! In front of me are a few brown fields But if I do not find any thermal there, then I’ll probably go down here! Feels good…why isnt the vario beeping?! Shit I am not used to the vario! The vario beeps very delayed Over there is a bird climbing…No not properly! Oh dear, I think I have to land now The return journey will take longer today. Let’s enjoy the last few meters and then land here. I’m so happy! It was such an amazing flight! There are many fields around Maybe I just take this one! You can imagine how fast the wind is right now, when you see my shadow on the ground! Its going down here! What a strong wind! Fu%?! I will not make it to this field! I am not moveing forward That will be a tricky landing also! Then I take this field, it is not lawn but the farmer will forgive me! I could try to land over there on the lawn area It is pretty turbulent right here Come on! Please not such a crap before landing Yeah…that is going to be violent! Come on! Don’t mess it up! OK Yes man! That is so awesome! 118km! That is so awesome! I am so happy! About 1.5 hours drive away from home. Far from the next train station or the next major city. Really in the middle of nowhere! pretty much in the middle of “Münster” and “Dortmund” I am walking now! Alone on this empty street I try to drive as a hitchhiker. And keep my thumb out whenever a car passes by Wich unfortunately that does not happen often. Only two cars have passed me so far And they just looked stupid… There is a car coming Yes, he stops! Of course I talked to the driver before I opened the trunk Everything good? Yes it fits! Perfect I can hardly believe it! I just filmed and kept my thumb up. It was the third car this time, I’m just lucky lately Oliver picked me up. (Not the Olli from the beginning) He is a pilot himself, but not for paragliders but…what are you flying? I fly everything from the small machines to the big ones. I am both instructor and inspector! Welcome! We are just telling ourselves how aviation works! no matter if with or without engine And I can hardly believe my luck. Olli even offered to drive me to the next train station here at “Nottuln”. Even so it is not on his way. So thank you very much Olli! You are welcome! This is how you behave under a colleague! Perfekt, thanks man! Olli is driving right now. He brought me here to the train station in “Appelhülsen” Good acquaintance. That is also a nice thing about paragliding, meeting new people! These adventures on the way are also part of it I just got the ticket. The next train will arrive in 5min. It’s like clockwork again. Perfectly! I am still two hours on the way until I am home, but I think that is still better than if a friend would have to pick me up. The drive would be 1,5hours one way Ohh, my train is already here I am currently here at the main station in “Münster”. My train is already there. The “RB 89” takes me home Good day everybody! Hello! What do we have here? Once “Nottuln/ Appelhülsen” to “Salzkotten”. Did you just take the 42. or the 2.? I actually can’t tell you! With the big one or the small one? Just the same one like this! Thean that was the RB 42. That is the small one! Yes 🙂 We will soon arrive in Salzkotten The exit is in the direction of travel, right If you like the video, please give it a like and subscribe! I would really apreciate it 🙂 Thank you very much for watching the video! See you in the next one 🙂

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