In-Season Hockey Conditioning Workout ๐Ÿ’ฆ

– Hey, hockey players, Coach Garner here from In this video I wanna show
you an in-season conditioning workout taken right from our 2018 In-Season Hockey Training Program. Due to the volumes and
intensities of this workout, it’s something that you
wouldn’t want to do on game day, or the day before game day, but anytime other than
that you’re good to go. Let’s get after it. To kick this thing off
you’re gonna wanna make sure you do a proper warmup
’cause we’ll be working hard. The first exercise in this
in-season conditioning workout is a split squat jump into sprint. How it works, is you’re gonna
do three split squat jumps, just like this, all back to back to back and then takeoff on the third landing. You’re gonna sprint
for 15 yards and repeat this for five total rounds. The second exercise in
this conditioning workout is the sprint into reverse
medicine ball scoop toss. How it works is you’re gonna
sprint as hard as you can for 25 yards, pick up that medicine ball and throw it behind
you as hard as you can. Repeat this for six total rounds. The third exercise in
this conditioning workout is the classic suicide run. You’re gonna want to have a starting point and then go five yards
and back, 10 yards and back, and then 15 yards and back. You’re gonna wanna make sure
you touch the ground every single time you get to
one of the target points and repeat this suicide run three times. All right, and we’re gonna finish this workout with non-stop lateral hops. How it works, is this
is only one set so you gotta give everything that you got. I want ten jumps per
side as high as you can. Now you can jump as high
as you can or you can place a hurdle in between you as
well, either or is gonna work but there is no rest here. Finish this workout hard. Thanks for watching our in-season hockey training conditioning workout. If you want to do this workout at home you can get direct access to
it through the link below. And don’t forget to give us
a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you’re
liking the content we’re providing you here. And for more information on
in-season specific hockey training, go to I know a lot of you guys can’t
get outside during the season or just simply don’t have the space to do full sprints like this. If you’re interested in
a limited space in-season conditioning workout, let us
know in the comments below.

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