In-Season Hockey Workout [Limited Space + No Equipment] 🏒

(texting clicking) (phone message notification) (texting clicking) (phone message notification) (texting clicking) – Hey hockey players. In this video, I’m
going to run you through an in season conditioning workout that can be done with limited
space and no equipment. This can be used as a
substitution for the days during the winter when you can’t do a conditioning workout
outdoors and can’t make it to a gym with a lot of space
for sprinting exercises. For this workout, we are gonna run through nine different exercises in a circuit, meaning we won’t have any
rest in between exercises. Once finished the nine exercises, you will rest for two to four minutes and then repeat the circuit for a total of three to five rounds. First up is 10 reps of
body weight speed squats. For the body weight speed
squats, you wanna maintain your posture and squat as fast as you can. You should almost feel as if your feet are going to leave the
ground when doing this. Next we have 10 reps of speed pushups. Speed pushups are the exact
same idea as the speed squats. Keep your posture and core nice and tight while you move as fast as possible. Almost feeling like
you’re gonna move so fast that your hands are
gonna leave the ground. The third exercise is bicycle abs, and we will be doing 10 reps
per side or 20 total reps. For the bicycle abs core
exercise, you wanna make sure you’re fully rotating your
upper body on every crunch instead of just moving your
elbow to touch your knees. The biggest benefits here
come from the rotation, so get that in. Then we’re gonna get up for
body weight split squat jumps, and we’ll be doing five jumps per leg. On the body weight split squat jump, you need to alternate your
takeoff leg on every jump. Jump as high as you possibly
can and don’t forget to use contralateral arm
drive on each takeoff. Get back down on the
ground for 10 Superman’s. When preforming the Superman
exercise, the idea here is to get a good contraction
with the entire posterior chain of your body, so don’t forget
to contract and involve your upper back, middle back, lower back, and glutes on each and every rep. The sixth exercise is a
60 second standard plank. This is one of the best
exercises in the game to help hockey athletes
stay strong on the puck and prevent injuries during the season. Keep a flat back, maintain
your breathing, and hold on. Next we’re getting back up on our feet for 180 degree squat jumps
and we will be preforming five jumps in each direction. The 180 degree squat
jump is a great exercise for hockey players, for
explosive power, agility, and conditioning all in one. Jump as high as you
can, rotate 180 degrees, land softly, and repeat going
in the opposite direction so you’re training both sides equally throughout the entire set. Exercise number eight is
10 reps of pike pushups. Pike pushups are a great way to train the shoulders and triceps,
which are key muscles involved in winning those battles
in front of the net. Keep your head in between your shoulders and insure you’re driving
straight back with this pushup instead of straight up, like you would during a standard pushup. And the ninth and final exercise
to finish off this circuit is 10 reps of plank jacks. Plank jacks are an exercise that targets the inner core muscles
while simultaneously working functional
outputs at the same time. Keep that back nice and straight. Keep the core tight at all
times, and move your lower body just like you would during a jumping jack. Remember, once you finish all exercises back to back to back, you will rest for a full two to four minutes and then run through the circuit for a
total of three to five rounds. Thanks for watching our
In Season In One Place Hockey Conditioning Workout. If you liked that video, make
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