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  1. This is how the Clinton, Obama and Dems run the Govt. Just look at Sanctuary Cities. And The American People are the Parents BEING TOLD TO SHUT UP

  2. When I was younger we used to have that but with football in my neighborhood. They couldn’t cover me at Receiver. We even invented trampoline football.

  3. As a hockey player growing up…we had this type of play. We could either go to open skate an just rip around the rink as we wanted. There was also the ability to go play "Drop In". It was an hour and a half of open ice where teams are kinda selected by the jersey color you have in your bag. As a college player.. I still like to hit a drop in now and then to have fun with young players and remember what it was like to play………just to play!!!

  4. We used to do this everday as kid. We would get 6+ people, no teams, everyone batted, everyone pitched , we would just rotate positions based on the number of position.

  5. Is this seriously news. Kids actually have enjoy playing just for fun. This is pathetic that this needs to be reported as real news.

  6. Love it… we used to play it that way in the 60s…. parents were too busy working to be in our business back then and I can't remember ever having a bad time while playing

  7. This is great but when they get older they will play jv, varsity and it is organized!We wore blue jeans when I played little league.

  8. Little league was awesome if you grew up in a small town . We had minor league and it was 8-12. You could get drafted to 11 – 12 if you were good enough. There were no hand picked teams. Each coach had to draft players and the only kid the coach automatically got was their son.

  9. My city set up an entire whiffle ball league a couple years ago and parents aren’t allowed to attend games

  10. this is how i like to play hockey i mean playing in an organized league is fun but when its just me and my buddies trying out dangles and throwing around the body theres nothing better

  11. this is bs if you want to be a major leage player someday they need to play competive i think its funner when they treat you like an actual player but for younger kids i understand.

  12. So the parents had to organize the unorganized game. Try this Show the kids the movie the SANDLOT and tell them to go outside and play and have your butts home by dinner time. Where I lived the firehouse whistle would go off at 5:15 pm and 6 pm every kid within earshot of that whistle had the same drill be home after that 5:15 whistle and before the 6pm.

  13. First base – old seat cushion
    second base – crushed cardboard box
    third base – old roof shingle
    home – garbage can lid
    those were the days

  14. I feel sorry for those kids being forced to play some boring old man's game in the hot summer sun when they could be in an air conditioned home having the time of their lives playing video games.

  15. Lol, when they say there is only a 13-year-old home plate umpire. I realize at 2:03, there is a woman who called safe on the runner. Don't know if the kids made that happen.

  16. 40 years ago we did this every day , of every summer……broke a neighbors window once in a while, picked our own teams, everyone played. also played organized baseball……this is great…kids being kids without overbearing, obnoxious helicopter parents…

  17. This is fine and all but if these kids have aspirations to play on travels teams high school ball etc… they will have to learn the pressure this is what's wrong with today's generations with everyone having fun, but in life there is always a winner and always a loser.

  18. I know it's going to happen next girls are now going to join boys base ball and a feminist is going to hate this comic

  19. No story when I was 12. We just met at the park and played until dark. Idk what the story is??? Duh!!!! The Sandlot was a movie about our childhood and this story.

  20. “What do you like about tuesdays?”
    “Playing baseball with my friends.”
    “And you?”
    “Same thing.”

  21. When they lose in little league they’re gonna be crying cause they don’t know what competition is

  22. I don’t see why they should change kids baseball. If we don’t care how good the kids do we will have a future era of slackers and unorganized people. Organized baseball doesn’t only organize people but it prepares the kids for the future, and possibly the mlb. If this becomes a nation wide thing permanently, where will our skilled hitters and fielders be in the mlb? I have a guess, playing softball with the guys

  23. we used to throw our gloves in a pile and blindfold someone and they would throw the gloves left and right and that was the teams

  24. Kids are to sensitive I'm not gonna say how old I am but Im young. My dad tells me that he yells because he cares and if anyone doesn't push me I wouldn't have the work ethic and future that I have and might have. A parent cant always be going "Oh Billy you did so good I'm so proud of you." When the did awful and struck out. I'm not saying that you have to tell and my dad doesn't most of the time. He just doesn't tell me a whole bunch bull crap, he tells me I didnt do good and I need to work on things. And slowly that has taught me to be honest with myself and work hard. This is how all parents and kids should be if they want to start taking baseball more serious and try to have a future in the game whether that means going pro or going to college. Or more realisticly playing varsity high school ball.

  25. I hate you because you can't just go around other people's channels and say swear words because there are children also reading the comments comment on videos so stop saying swear words for other people it's just rude rude

  26. Hey guys: Thanks for sharing this video. I used it in a post on my blog, LIFE-BUILT POEMS: Living Out Loud. Here's the link: https://lifebuiltpoems.com/set-up-your-own-rules/

  27. I think it's great kids want to organize their own games. However, children look to adults for structure and discipline. We as parents and elders are to provide that structure. There is nothing wrong with organized baseball. With that being said parents shouldn't yell at the kids while they are playing. Whether their own kids or others. The coach is in charge when you turn your kids over to him for practice or a game. If parents have a problem with the coach, they need to address it with the coach. Btw in private meeting.

  28. This ain't news. Everybody has been doing for a really long time. I'll play with my friends all day every day I'm not playing an actual game just in the yard for years. plus, with lots of land you can have whatever sized field you want as you get bigger.

  29. I think I’ll just point out the fact that most of them play because they aren’t good enough to play in an organized league

  30. I would love to do this but parents now a days won’t let their children go outside alone and just be a kid

  31. When I was growing up, each neighborhood had its game. It started Friday after school and continued until sundown, Sunday evening. You'd show up. Sometimes, there were 30-40 guys show up. Saturday, the game might slow down because guys had to go to town with their parents. Sunday morning was a little slim because some guys went to Sunday School. All during the weekend, sometimes the game might get down to three or four guys. In that case, you either played pepper or hit flies. Two guys, hit flies. One guy, you'd hit flies to yourself until more guys showed up. Throw the ball up, take a straight-up swing. As the ball took off, you grabbed your glove and chased it. Sometimes, you got so good you could hit the ball nearly straight up. Because of this, guys learned the characteristics of a ball in flight. As I progressed into organized baseball, I was a catcher. I never dropped a foul ball because I hit flies to myself. Kind of sad that the game no longer exists in most of the U.S.

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