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Speaker 1: I got a great comment a day or
two ago and it was, “How do I increase my pitching velocity?” Often times when I work
with my athletes is there’s big flaws in your body mechanics that can kind of hinder how
hard you can throw a baseball. Throwing is all about mechanics, it’s all about having
hip strength, core strength, taking your leg power up through your body and delivering
the baseball at your arm, okay. Where I always start at a foundation of building your core
and your hips. I’m going to show you a couple of exercises here that are going to help you
get a better understanding of where you stand. If you can’t do any of these exercises then
just start pounding this video. You’ve got to do it. Give yourself a day of rest but
do it two or three times a week and really start building up your core because without
core strength you are never going to optimize your results.
You see all the times on ESPN and all these different interviews with these Major League
baseball players that are working hard outside of just throwing the baseball. These are the
type of workouts. These are the type of strength training you are going to see. Pay attention
to form. Pay attention to technique and let’s really start working on our core and our hips
because that’s really, what throwing a baseball is all about.
First move, what I’m going to have you do is called an oblique knee up, use your Kbands
here. These things are going to optimize everything you do on your hips. As soon as you spread
your legs, you are going to feel it through your gluts, your hip flexors, and all the
way through your thighs. How we do this move is we take a drop step back with your right
or left leg whichever side you’d like to start on. You are going to open up your trunk over
here away from that back leg and then you are going to close the gap. Okay, when you
close the gap you’ve got to squeeze in your oblique and drive towards the heel.
If you notice this is a similar position to throwing a baseball. This is going to be a
great exercise for us. As soon as I lift my leg, I’m feeling it through here and I’m feeling
a lot of resistance through my base leg. This is where you get all the power from when you
are throwing. Right here in your legs, okay. Great exercise here. So get going here. Go
for about 30-second bursts and you can give it three-second counts at the top if you want
to do a couple if isometric holds throughout your workout or you can just keep a continuous
pace and really start squeezing through your abs.
Like I said, 30 seconds, head to the other side, big squeezes, mix in a couple of three-second
counts and as you noticed, like I said, it’s that spot when you roll your hips. You see
all those ball players, those guys that throw hard. It’s all in your legs. So really, get
up here and squeeze and then open it back up, all right. Get your 30-second in. Now
we are going to hit the floor. We are going to do a crawling pushup more
or less so you are going to stagger one of your feet, take it up high, you can have the
other one down low. If you notice the ones drop back. The ones up here. You are going
to do basically a crooked pushup, then you are going to crawl, stagger on the other side
and you are going to do this through some range of motion. You are going to take in
about a ten-yard burst. I’ve got this leg up, pushup, stay nice and low, pushup, stay
nice and low, pushup. Make sure you stay flat the entire time. When you spread your legs,
you are going to feel it in your hips and you’ve got to build your upper body strength
to really optimize how hard you can throw. Let’s head back to our feet here. Let me show
you this last little move. You can do about eight of these on each side. Pitching, throwing
velocity, hitting, is all about body control. You are not going to find an exercise that’s
more about body control than this one here. Slide your weight over towards your right
foot; you’re going to take your chest over after you get in a hawk or a cocked position.
Lean it over and you are going to work on your balance. The key is to open your chest,
don’t take it down here like this. We want to open our chest. When I open my chest, that’s
all about your core strength. Get you about eight on one side, head to the other. Get
your eight on the other. It’s a tough move. You’ve really got concentrate,
stare something on the ground if you need to and work on your balance.

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