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Ad* *Ad Hello viewers ! welcome to Nothing But Cricket In this video I’m gonna tell how to increase the bowling speed of pacers It’s a small concept or correction which leads to big change 90 % pacers don’t know that they are doing this mistake because of this mistake the pacers are having a huge drop in pace during the release point if you are a bowler capable of bowling 100kmph, you’ll be able to bowl only 90kmph because of this mistake please do subscribe and also press the bell icon Instagram link in description please do use that to follow me in instagram lets go into the video Most of my videos will have subtitles please do check the other videos also Fast bowlers take a long run up and run a long distance while coming closer to the crease we’ll have a hop When we don’t do this right, we’ll loose all the pace we gathered during our run up we are doing mistake while taking run up itself what we’ll do is we will take a hop from bowling crease and we’ll mark the hopping point After that only we will take steps for run up People are very casual and lethargic while taking run up That’s the starting point for drop in pace we tend to loose all the momentum gathered during run up during the delivery stride we gotta know how much we can hop during the delivery stride so that we don’t loose the balance or momentum people who have small delivery stride used to generate less pace than those who have large delivery stride we can take Bhuvi and Munaf patel as an example for such bowling style they will have smaller delivery stride when compared to big pacers like Brett Lee or Zaheer you gotta decide which type of bowler you are gonna be the hop and the stability after landing is very vital so while hopping when we get to this position our body must be stable from the loading point to relase point we gotta check the flaw in balance after the hop we have to properly mark the launching point for the delivery stride the wider the base more the pace knowing the launching point is important for having a balanced delivery stride Jumping from the bowling crease and Jumping toward the bowling crease itself makes a huge difference if we dont get it right we’ll loose balance we’ll bowl loose deliveries or even no balls these are the small mistakes and side effects of bad delivery stride we have to properly mark the launching point for the delivery stride while taking run up if the launch is proper then the landing followed by release will be proper without flaw now you could’ve realized where you are loosing your pace you can check my previous video on bowling speed to get a complete idea over this topic 90% of pacers loose their pace in the delivery stride only small mistake like this stops you from becoming a big pacer so have launching point, balance, stability, delivery stride and base in mind while taking run up pick the one which suits you the best some people have small hop but big pace but those are exceptions But this is the format for getting better pace which is successful at most times so if you follow this there is huge chance of improving your pace please do like the video and share this to as many as possible please do subscribe and also press the bell icon and don’t miss any updates from NBC thanks for watching ! keep supporting ! Please do check out my other videos also πŸ™‚

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  1. Bro naa beginner fast bowling action correcta varuthu ennoda hand swing matthum thappaa varuthu atha naala naa wide poodra correct hand swing in fast bowling paththi video pooda mudi umaa pleaseπŸ˜«πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’“

  2. Super Video Bro😍πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😍 .Correct ah sonninga Bro.Intha mari fast bowling ku nariya video post panni Podunga Bro

  3. Bro First Bowling appudi podrathunu sollunga bro
    Athavua terila
    Anga ooru side la lam throw aducha bowling Podrom
    So please put one video for Bowling in stumper ball

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